Time to pop it like it's hot! Check out our sensory toys for kids.

Given how many of us have been possessed by a piece of bubble wrap at least once in our lives, probably long before we knew anything about ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), the fidget and sensory sensation isn't really all that surprising. Combined with a notable paradigm shift towards emotional and mental wellbeing, sensory and fidget toys have become increasingly popular among children and parents alike.

So what is it about  sensory toys that has us so obsessed?

Sensory toys and fidget toys are a valuable tool for a child's development and wellbeing. And let's face it, pretty captivating for us big kids too. There are a huge variety of sensory toys catering to different preferences and needs, from fidget spinners and stress balls, to plushies and pop its.

These toys offer a range of benefits, including improving focus, channeling nervous energy, reducing anxiety and developing fine motor skills. They can also help children with sensory processing difficulty to regulate their emotions and behaviour. We all tend to instinctively gravitate towards smooth and soft textures when in need of comfort, security, and emotional reassurance, one of the reasons why children often become so attached to soft toys.

Comforting, calming plushies, satisfyingly squishy stress relief, endlessly spinning fidgets - we love them all here at Casey's Toys, and have hand selected our top picks for restless fingers and sensory toy buffs.

Here are our Squishy Sensory Toy & Fidget Lovers Must-Haves

Sensory Slug

Stretch Squeeze Squish Steam Bun

Smooshos Jumbo Colour Change Ball Assorted

Sensory Slug
Squish Steam Bun
Smooshos Colour Change Ball

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Low Sensory Shopping Hour

Low Sensory Shopping Hour at Caseys Toys

Here at Casey's we also understand that sensory overload is real! That's why we've introduced a weekly low-sensory shopping hour by making changes in our stores to reduce noise, visual triggers and distractions. These changes are designed to help make a difference to customers who find it challenging to shop in a heightened-sensory environment.

Low Sensory Shopping Hour at Caseys Toys