At Casey's Toys not only do we stock a wide range of the most modern brands and toys but we also happy our respects to the classics. You don't get more classic then Dolls. In fact, dolls are such a classic that they have been around for almost approximately one thousand nine hundred and twenty years. We are proud to continue this millennia spanning tradition and are excited to help kids find the doll that bests suit them weather it's a classic doll with life like features, a Barbie set or those from their favourite move like Moana or Frozen.

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Experts believe playing with dolls to be highly beneficial for babies of both genders. Broadly speaking, dolls give kids the opportunity to learn about themselves, others and the world around them. Dolls also engage and expand a child's imagination as they develop whole worlds for their dolls to play in. Furthermore, dolls provide an excellent opportunity for kids to increase their own knowledge. They can help them pick up words for different colours when they match clothes, sizes to pick those that fit best, positions, actions and feelings. These words can then be strung together to normalise the use of longer and more complex sentences. They can also pick up names of body parts, clothing and utensils. Dolls are also the perfect opportunity for parents to join in the fun. While playing with your child introduce the occasional where, what or who to further engage their minds.

Playing with dolls also imparts important social skills. For example, when playing with other kids or just with more then one doll they learn the value of communication, cooperation and kindness. Through taking care of a doll they learn how to take care of themselves and others. Kids also learn to take responsibility. For example, by learning how to take care of their doll they can also learn how to care for pets and siblings. Furthermore, by acting out scenes with their doll it can help kids prepare for those situations in real life. A great example is potty training.

Children also learn how to process emotions such as empathy and compassion. Just like caring for a doll teaches responsibility it also helps kids to practise sharing, nurturing and caring skills. This allows them to empathise with those around them and grow up into empathetic people. These skills are particularly learnt while playing in a group. While playing in a group kids will also improve their language skills as they describe to each other the new situation they are playing. Even when its just a parent and child if you encourage them to share book and discuss what they have learnt with the doll it not only helps them learn to read but reinforces any lessons already learnt.

Finally, they help to develop fine motor and self-help skills. Dressing and grooming a doll develop a sense of hygiene in a child while improving pincer and grip strength together with precision and hand eye coordination. In clothing or bathing the doll kids pick up on the sequences of dressing and cleaning that they hopefully will be able to translate to themselves. Dressing Skills like doing up buttons and zips may be daunting for young kids, but they can build confidence and skills by practising on a doll. Similarly, by feeding the doll they learn the correct way of holding utensils such as spoons, cups and bowls.

Casey's toys also stocks dolls that are appropriate for a whole range of ages. Just remember to check the label for certain qualities and don't be afraid to ask in store for help. Between 0-2 a doll must be durable as to survive the transition between teething aid and huggable friend. We have a range of plush or rag dolls that are safe and non-toxic with irremovable clothing to prevent chocking. Just 2x check. At age 3 kids begin to explore the world and don't understand that it can ruin their doll. Nor do they have patience for extensive wardrobe changes. A simple cabbage patch or bitty baby doll is great with clothing that can be changed with a Velcro strap. Overall dolls here must be durable huggable and washable. Between 4-6 is where imaginations really soar, and props are a necessity. Doll houses prove popular as at this age as kids really start to interact with their dolls. They talk to them, play pretend and role play. Due to kids being so active now dolls should be durable but also transportable with a wardrobe of easy to put on and take of clothes for basic situations such as bedtime