At Casey's Toys we pride ourselves on offering the biggest selection and best advice. That's why it's our tag line! And this is not wishful thinking. We know that this is what our customers appreciate most about us, because we surveyed over 50,000 of them and that is what they told us. If 50,000 people love that about us, we figure other people will also appreciate it too. So, we are big on range and its obvious from the massive list of toy brands we carry in our stores and online. Just check out the list above, and that's only half the brands from A to K. We believe that choice is important and enhances the shopping experience. Our stores and online toy shop have been serving the Australian public for many, many decades and its always been based on the firm philosophy that we need to offer our customers a vast choice of items.
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These brands come from all over the world and represent the full spectrum of toy companies, toy brands, toy categories, ages, genders and value propositions. We understand that all our customers have different tastes, different needs and different budgets so we ensure that we cater to everyone. Our huge selection of toys and games caters to the full life cycle. From babies, to toddlers, to preschool kids, all the way to teenagers. Then our full hobby range caters to adults and even seniors who pursue hobbies into their twilight years.

When it comes to price, we always offer great value for money. Our famous specials however (which you will find stacked at the front of all our stores OR with the "sale" ribbon online) have rock bottom prices. These items are sourced from all over the world to offer our customers cheap toys online and in store. Sometimes these prices are hard to believe, but its genuine and often make for the best birthday gifts and Christmas stocking fillers. Our famous toy deals will include games, toys, hobby items, puzzles, dolls, action figures, Lego, science kits, toys for toddlers and every other category you can think of.

Not only do we carry the big toy brands, but we also fill our stores with less known brands, offering our customers a wonderful mix of toys, games and gifts to choose from. Unique novelty toys, crafty toys, kids jewellery ranges, cottage industry items, fairy toys, cool diecast figurines are just a sample of the unique items we include in our range. This makes wondering through our stores (or online) so exciting, especially when you are looking for that special kids birthday gift. You will always find something a little different and unique.

Another big aspect of our range are collectables. You would be surprised by what people collect. Things like collectable Hotwheels diecast cars, collectible toy animal figures like Schleich, collectible cards like Pokemon, Shopkins items, dolls like Barbie, action figures like Superman or Spiderman and others. We are sensitive to our collector customers, always ensuring our breadth of range includes those items that are most desired or hard to find.

We are also big on hobby items. We have a team of hobby technicians and buyers who always ensure we are stocking the best, most reliable hobby brands. For items like remote control cars, drones, train sets, remote control boats, planes etc you want to know you're getting products that work, are reliable and are reputable. We'll make sure that is the case.

When it comes to plastic model kits, hobbyists want the biggest selection to choose from. From military plastic model kits to plane model kits we have it all – even sci-fi, movies, space and television themed kits are available.

We also want to make your visit convenient. We carry the small things to make you life easier. Items like batteries for toys, gift wrapping, gift cards are all available. You can even buy batteries online so that your item will arrive conveniently to you home (with batteries already included). 

So happy browsing. If there is something you feel we are missing please let us know and we'll be sure to try and have it available on your next visit.