Searching for the perfect children's gift? Every kid loves receiving toys that are similar to what their parents use and can be used everyday, such as a piece of technology. Today, kids have adapted astonishingly quickly to our increasingly digital world. Many toy companies are using this opportunity to create electronic toys  for kids that are fun and educational at the same time without the harmful impact o staring at screens. These toys from the classic walkie-talkie to VR or the super cool spy kits have been brought together in one spot: Casey's Toys

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As parents, you always want what is best for your children. Just as picking what food to eat and what clothes to wear, you need to make careful decisions in buying toys for them. Kids still love dolls, LEGOs, puzzles, and other traditional toys that you grew up with. But let's face it, technology is here and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. If toys are part of your kid's life, so is technology. It can't be helped that kids want to play with electronic devices as they see a lot of it from other kids and from you as well.

Toys have a big influence in the development of your child's behaviour and skills. That is why toy companies spend many weeks, months, even years in researching and creating toys that are beneficial for children in the long run. Watches for kids, kids phones, virtual reality games, kids cameras, childrens headphones and spy toys. These are some of the high-tech toys kids want for their birthdays and other special days.

The market is jam-packed with different kinds of toys for kids of every age. Depending on the interest of your child, you will find literally anything that can be useful and entertaining to them. Entertaining can mean differently for every child. Kids today think that interactive plus digital plus electronic equals a fun toy. For them, anything that involves technology makes up for a super fun play time. Now, you don't have to worry. You can use their heightened interest in technology to develop their skills and discover their hobbies. You just have to understand how these toys work and how it can help your kid.

Let's look at some kids technology toys that are popular nowadays.

Smart watches for children and other wearable devices are huge hits to boys and girls. One of the reasons for that could be that the adult smart watches are appealing to them too. Kids sure love to mimic what mum and dad do, so having their own smart watch is fun for them. But unlike those of the adults, these kids smart watches are specially designed for children. Fun, educational applications are pre-installed that are created to spark children's different interests and skills. The built-in camera is especially fun. Kids can walk around looking for interesting things and take photos or videos. They will learn about how to measure time with the smart watch's clock, alarm clock, and timer. Some even have educational games installed on them and some can be connected to a smart phone to track your kid's activity with the smart watch.

Virtual and augmented reality games are super fun ways to boost kids imagination and creativity. With the help of a device worn over the eyes and ears, children can experience different adventures in different places. Imagine this. You are in the living room but when you look down, the floor becomes water. Or when you look up, thousands of butterflies hover above you. And you can touch them. That is the power of virtual reality. How does it help your kids? They will know the value of their imagination. That they can be anywhere or be anything they want to be. With virtual reality games, kids will also develop storytelling by telling you what they see on the screen.

There are a lot more children's technology toys that you can find in our store like walkie talkies, spy gear toys, kids head phones and kids gaming toys. We picked the best ones and the most trusted by parents and experts from brands such as Leapfrog, VTech, VR Real Feel, Spy X, and many more. With the guidance of parents, these toys will spark kids confidence, social skills, and a closer bond between families.

Here at Casey's Toys, we care about children just as like you, parents, care about them. We are more than just a toy store. We encourage a safer and smarter playing experience.