Get super creative with our vast range of modelling clay & playdoh toys which belong to our arts, crafts and fun category. Use your imagination to explore the world of artistry and discover the satisfaction of making your own novelty toys, animal figures, pretend food and anything else you can dream of. Our range includes popular and well known brands such as Play-doh, Peppa Pig, Plasticine, Flexohh, Twinkle Clay, EC - Educational Colours and Poly Dough. Join in the fun with these craft kits that will inspire you to unleash your hidden artistic talent. You will become a major part of not only playing but designing and constructing the toys and exciting activities which can be enjoyed either solo or with your friends and family.

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Did you know that the benefits of playing and modelling with clay for kids are enormous? Apart from developing their creative and learning skills, it can boost their self esteem, self expression, fine motor skills and instill pride in a child. It is also extremely therapeutic as it has the magical ability of calming an over active child. Anxiety, tension and stress are immediately reduced while they are focusing on manipulating the clay or dough by pushing, rolling, patting or even pounding into different shapes. Their tiny fingers and hands can squeeze, pinch and twist encouraging their small muscles to strength and come alive. It can perfect the connection between thumb, hand and fingers which is necessary for writing. You will slowly see their coordination develop, their self esteem improve as they feel accomplished with their work. It can broaden their imagination and provide lots of mental stimulation while they express their ideas. 

Toddlers and pre school kids can begin their learning journey by creating numbers and letters in a fun way. They are given the opportunity to build their knowledge, act out their thoughts and ideas. Learn their street number, home phone number and address. Children with sensory issues will gain the benefits of using touch, smell and sight to play, have fun, learn and create.

Many of the benefits of manipulating clay & dough also apply to adults. Just as stress balls have a calming effect, relieve tension and ease nervousness after a hard days work. These craft toys can also help you unwind and create a tranquil atmosphere and environment in your home. It is a way to express your emotions and externalise in a creative way how you are feeling. Truly a therapeutic and healing opportunity at your finger tips.
All our play-doh products have been and continue to be used at schools all over the world in art classes for art projects. They can also be used at home during school holidays for activity time or during a play date for your child and their friends. A great idea is to include clay play and creation as an activity at their next birthday party. It will be a memorable day of fun, invention and accomplishment for all the kids involved. Their parents will be impressed and will probably want to do the same at their child's next birthday party. Set up a table at your next BBQ for all the kids. They will quietly entertain themselves, have heaps of fun with their friends while at the same time allow you to enjoy the company of your invited guests.
Our variety of brands begins with the most recognised and the leader in its field ... Play-doh. Established in 1930 as a cleaning product, by 1950 it had become a non staining, non toxic and reusable modelling compound that today is known all over the world and has been used by nearly every child at one time or another. Millions of cans are sold every year and it's popularity just keeps on rising. Generations of kids and adults have all enjoyed playing with Play-doh products.
EC-Education colours is another brand that we hold in our range. They are an Australian company that specialise in art and craft products. Established in 1980, they have now been providing high quality arts and crafts for over 30 years. All designs and manufacturing take place in Melbourne, Australia.
Peppa Pig, Plasticine, Flexohh, Twinkle Clay, and Poly Dough are also included in our extensive range of clay and playdoh products. In addition, you will find all required accessories and equipment, such as: EC-Education Colours rolling pin, Play-doh molds, cutters, storage toys, baking, cooking utensils and any other shaping assistance tools you may need to create your master piece.