Over the years, LEGO pieces have been one of the most popular toys among kids. Children like these toys for a couple of reasons. Firstly, their inter-connectivity allows them to be as creative as they wish and build true masterpieces. Secondly the themes. Kids today can build sets of either real world places or recreate scenes from their favourite shows and movies. Casey's Toys understands the special place LEGO hold in every child's heart and the benefits playing with LEGO can have on their development. Join us for a tour and let us help you find the perfect set.

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The tour won't be complete without the classics. If your child is just starting to learn how to play with LEGO sets, the classics would be the perfect choice. We suggest getting a base plate that would serve as the blank canvas. You'll love the green and white ones. Now, what will you put on those base plates? There are many choices but we bet you'll love the Classic Bricks and Houses set. How about the Classic Bricks and Eyes set? Kids will surely have lots of ideas on what to do with those sets.

Looking for a certain LEGO set inspired by your favourite movie? Don' worry we got you. Disney fans will love browsing through our collection of LEGO sets that look like scenes from Disney shows and movies. There are sets that include the famous princesses from beloved fairy tales. Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Rapunzel, and Cinderella each have their own LEGO castles. Other favourite characters from the stories are also included in the sets. Moana, Elsa, and Anna are also here. Are you looking for Olaf? He has his own set too.

kids who dream of becoming police officers in the future will find something that they like as well. There is a wide variety of choices for police-themed LEGO sets. You can build a police station, a police helicopter chase scene, police highway arrest scene, and many more. With your imagination, you can create a whole police-inspired storyboard made of LEGO pieces. Same as with wannabe racers. There are racing car sets and monster truck sets. If you are always amazed by big construction vehicles and equipment, you can also create your very own miniature construction site. LEGO City Construction Bulldozer is really cool. You should get one of those.

Are you a Star Wars fan? Well, today is your lucky day. We have different Star Wars sets in store just for you and thousands of other fans of this intergalactic movie franchise. It's no secret that all the movies in this series are all awesome, so it's just natural that you want to have some kind of souvenir to commemorate your favourite Star Wars scenes and characters. Oh, don't forget the coolest vehicles in the movies too. You can build your own Snowspeeder and Landspeeder. You'll be amazed to see that these sets also come with mini Star Wars character figures. Who wants a mini Luke Skywalker? We know you do!

Now, now. Harry Potter fans don't be sad. We have something for you too. How cool will it be if you have a complete set of mini Harry Potter characters? We know you have probably read the books and watched the movies more than ten times. Why not relive the magic by building LEGO versions of Harry Potter locations and scenes? Start building your own 4 Privet Drive house then the Hogwarts Castle. Do you remember the Whomping Willow? Yes, you can also recreate that. How exciting!

LEGO is one of the most fun toys to be invented ever. Aside from the fact that they're really fun to play with, it also has many positive effects on children. LEGO sets aid in the development of kids' fine motor skills. By putting several pieces together, the small muscles in their arms and hands are being exercised. Their hand-eye coordination is also developed. Their problem-solving skills and critical thinking is utilised whenever the design idea they formed in their mind is not possible with the available LEGO pieces. They are forced to think of other ways to successfully build what they thought of. By playing LEGO with their friends, kids' social skills and communication skills are sharpened. Especially with sets where they recreate television and movie scenes, kids come up with conversations or do a little storytelling while building the set.

We suggest you allot a whole day for browsing through our website for your next LEGO set. You won't get enough of the amazing designs we prepared just for you.