Doll House Furniture-- it bring a lot of memories back, doesn't it? Toys like these make help children to become as imaginative and creative as they can be. They're one of many presents that children look forward to opening on their birthdays and on Christmas Eve. And trust us, if you had a kid yourself, you'd probably want one (or more) for him or for her, because we all know how exciting playing with doll houses can get.

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Casey's Toys' doll house furniture collection includes playsets of several themes and locations. Our range mostly consists of Sylvanian Families play sets, which not only includes the furniture set up, but sets that include entire animal families as well. Cool, right? It's basically an all-in-one type of toy. To give you a sneak peek, our collection includes the living room, tree house, kitchen, pizzeria, playground, and even flower shop sets-- all at a price that is definitely family friendly. This selection was released so that as a parent or a guardian, you can choose whichever doll house would best match your children's style or preferences.

Say for example, if your kid is a foodie who likes cooking and eating, then some of the great choices would be the Sylvanian Families Creamy Gelato Shop, Village Pizzeria, and the Gourmet Kitchen Set. These toys come with both cooking and dining tools that will introduce your kid to other types of food he or she may not know yet. Other than that, your kid will enjoy pretend-serving and eating with their distinguished guests. This allows them to navigate through different social scenarios that they can create during their playtime. And so, this significantly helps develop both the social and motor skills of children. Pretend-dining with their dolls helps them figure out how to communicate, while pretend-cooking helps them with the steadiness and accuracy of their physical movements.

If you prefer a toy with a more natural setting, then you may opt to go with items like the Sylvanian Families Baby Tree House, Adventure Home Tree House, or Floral Garden Set. This allows your kid to envision himself in a different setting, one that is more fresh and environmental. These will help kids appreciate nature, seeing that trees can make beautiful and sturdy playgrounds, boosting your child's imagination. Think of it this way, the toy normally looks like a playground, but to a kid, it sometimes transforms into a fortress or a secret lair. And that's what makes these toys interesting, it allows them to fly high and free with their imagination.

If your kid's favourite holiday is Christmas, then we also have toys for you, like the Sylvanian Families Christmas Set and Christmas Baby Sleigh Ride Set. Made in Christmas colours such as red, green and white, these toys are paired with glittering gifts, Christmas trees, and dolls in Santa-Style suits. In short, this is Christmas in a box. With these, kids can enjoy playtime as they can think up different holiday stories and gifts depending on their current mood. Also, the sleigh that comes with the set can actually be paired with other Sylvannian Families accessories such as the fruit wagon, making things even more exciting. The combination of doll figures and accessories will help them become as creative as they want, all while nurturing their love for the holiday spirit.

All in all, each item from this selection will help build up a happy, fun and interesting childhood. It's not just about the imagination that these toys can inspire from your child. Remember, these toys can help them discover a little bit more about themselves, the styles they want, their hobbies and interests. Who knows, it may even lead them to figuring out that they like cooking, gardening, or arranging flowers. It encourages their appreciation for different environments, like a grocery market, a ballet theatre, or a playground. Not to mention, all the learning and growing happens in a way that is exciting and memorable for the children. Our doll house furniture also helps nurture their motor and social skills as they pretend to engage in dinner gatherings and holiday parties. We are very proud to say that these toys come in many styles. You name a theme-- and it's here in this selection, whether it's a styling counter, bathroom, or ballet theatre set. This way, you'll be able to choose which toy would best reflect your child.