Kids are naturally adventurous when it comes to trying out new things, even with choosing their new toys. When provided with lots of options, they always pick the most exciting, most interesting, and most action-packed toys. Here at Casey's Toys, we know that kids always love fun experiences. We prepared a wide range of bikes, scooters, and ride-ons that kids will surely love playing with everyday. Pieces from the most trusted kids brands can be found in our store, waiting for their new owners. All you have to do is pick out what you love the most, order it, take it home, and have fun using it indoors or outdoors.

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Adventurous kids as young as one year old will enjoy riding vehicle toys especially designed for them outside with mum and dad. These toys have a variety of colours. For example the  Chillafish Bunzi Version 2 has pink and blue designs. That's only two colour options, but they'll surely have a hard time deciding which vehicle to choose because both colours are equally cute and pretty. The VTech 3 in 1 Motorbike is another useful yet enjoyable piece of ride-on. It can be used first as a walker to help kids while they are practising how to use their legs and feet to walk around. Then, it can be converted to a trike that parents can push or pull whenever they are strolling outside. It's also a great indoor toy for when kids want to have some fun going around the house from the living room to the bedroom. Plus, it can also be transformed into a balance bike. How cool is that?

Little kids won't get enough of their cute Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. These kid-powered ride-ons have special designs that surely kids will love - Dino, Fairy, Princess, Truck, and many more. All these designs have cute eyes and big smiles that look like they are also having fun strolling the kids around the neighborhood. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe ride-ons are great toys for developing kids' legs and feet, as well as their fine motor skills. It's also a great tool for them to learn about the surroundings while having fun riding their cute vehicles.

Of course we have something for kids a little older than a year. In this age range, kids are already more developed in some areas and are always so eager to practice their skills such as driving their fancy Cozy Coupe around the park. This period is also when they are looking for a little more advanced and complex vehicle toys to try. Globber 4 in 1 scooter comes in many colours that kids, both boys and girls, will love. Mum or dad and push it while grocery shopping and kids are already tired from walking. For a family day out in the park, it can be transformed into a scooter so kids can practice their balancing skills. Don't worry if kids can't reach the handles at first. They're movable and easy to adjust according to your kid's height.

Another useful type of toy to develop balance and muscle coordination are bikes. When kids are just starting out to learn how to ride it and still need your help operating it, you can get the ones with guide wheels on the sides. Hyper 30cm Bike Lil Racer is the perfect training bike. It's no secret that kids inspect a toy's physical appearance first. That's why these bikes are specially designed with beautiful colour combinations to suit your child's taste. Little boys will love the blue and green combination while little girls will surely pick the pink and purple bike. With regular use, kids will be able to ride the bike by themselves and slowly transition to a bigger bike without training wheels. That would be a big achievement and a boost of confidence to them.

If your kids like to kick and zoom through the driveway, Airwalk Inline Folding Adjustable Height Kick Scooter is perfect for them. What color do you think they will pick? Black and green, or pink and aqua? If their color preference is not in these two options and your kids want simpler designs, Grit Atom has pure black or pure pink scooters.

Whatever they choose, make sure that safety comes first. It's very important that kids are riding their bikes and scooters with precautions. Make sure that they are equipped with safety gears too. Safety helmets from Hyper can also be purchased from our store. Get one for your kid as well.