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Easter is a wonderful time of year - a chance to connect with family and friends and binge on chocolate from the Easter Bunny! Now, while all that chocolate is fun ... if you are looking for chocolate-free ideas for your kids instead of or to add to the eggs - we have some fantastic ideas here at Casey's Toys! Our range of wonderful plush, soft toys are so cute and will make a wonderful addition to your Easter Gift. Or perhaps you are looking for something bunny-related? We have soft bunnies, the Sylvanian Family range or a simple Schliech Rabbit. Read more... read more


Replace the traditional big chocolate Easter egg with a beautiful, soft plush bunny from our JellyCat range. Perhaps your child loves Squishmallows? Head in to check out our Easter Squish A Boo range - featuring Sophie Lamb, Aimee Chick & Danya, Bop & Valentina Bunnies!

Our Ty Beanie Boos also have cute Squish A Boos & the traditional Easter range of Beanie Boos to choose from.

What about swapping the Easter egg for a Dinosaur Egg?! The RoboAlive Dino Fossil Find Surprise Egg will be a great addition to any Easter gift.