Kids love to collect the most random yet the most interesting things. When they find something cute, colourful, and out of the ordinary, kids will always want to pick it up and take it home with them. Here at Casey's Toys, we love to make kids the happiest whenever they stumble upon a random toy that fits perfectly in their beloved collections.

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Kids who love spending time online would love to see their favourite GIFs in person. Oh My GIF collectables - GIFs that they can see and touch. How awesome would that be? You can twist, turn, push, and pull them to reveal the fun and watch their internet moves in real life. With over 50 GIFs to collect, kids will have so much fun sharing it with friends both online and offline. They can also download the GIFs Gone Live AR App to experience the digital versions of your cute GIFs. Are you team #CurrentVibes, #Besties, #Supp, #Wow, #Goals, or #Fail? Whatever team you choose, there are lots of options for you. How many GIFs would you take home today?

Other kids love collecting soft, squishy things. Aside from the fact that they are very satisfying to hold, squeeze, and squish, they are very cute too and very pretty to look at. Animal lovers would not get enough of Schylling Pocket Pups. These puppies are smaller versions of the cutest dog breeds that are the same size as your palm and can fit right into your pocket. You can now bring your best buddy anywhere and anytime you want to play. Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Corgi, Chocolate Lab, Beage, or Pug. Which of these cuties would you like as your next pet? Speaking of squishy things, kids would also love collecting Schylling Nee-Doh Colour Changing Stress Balls. If they are feeling bored, stressed, or they just want something to squeeze, these balls are perfect for them. They come in different groovy colours, made from the softest jelly-like material that will instantly make anyone happy just by squeezing it. Squeeze harder and you would be surprised to see the color-changing jelly inside the ball. Do not worry, no matter how hard you twist, turn, and squish them, the balls would not break. They are made from durable and safe materials especially designed for kids. They are easy to clean, too! And because of their cuteness, these balls are perfect giveaways for special occasions or gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

Toy company Schylling seems to have a huge interest in creating adorable collectable items for kids. We have already talked about their squishy products. Let us now move on to their tin collectables. Classic Tin Kaleidoscope will easily be one of kids' favourites when they get their hands on it. Once they looked through the eye hole and saw all the beautiful colours, shapes, and patterns, they would want to get all the pieces from the collection. Kaleidoscopes bring great mental and physical benefits to kids, maybe it's time to get them one of these. Plus, they are really cool and fun to look at, even for adults. Don't you agree? It would be a great bonding activity for kids and parents. Another great tin product from Schylling is their collectable Kazoos. Kids can play their favourite songs using this instrument. Once they learn how to play this instrument, one piece of the Kazoo would not be enough. These instruments come in beautiful designs and different colours that kids will surely love. They can invite their friends over, start their own band, and play their favourite children's rhymes. It is also a great pastime instead of spending hours looking at digital screens. Plus, it's a great training for more complex instruments when they get a little older.

Another great company Archie McPhee has some exciting collectables for kids. If they love storytelling and role-playing, parents should definitely get them one or two of the Monster Finger Puppets. Using these handheld monsters, they can create their own stories, go on their own adventures, while holding the characters in their hands. All they need is their imagination, creativity, and a lot of made up stories to start the fun. If they are in need of a few more characters for their stories, items from the Disney Figures 30-piece set can be combined with the Monster Finger Puppets. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Nemo, Bambi, and other Disney characters can fight off the Monster Finger Puppets together with Batman and Superman who are from other collections in our store. Have you decided on what story to role-play today?