Keep it Simple for Baby Toys

Let's talk babies! The newborn stage is such a precious, albeit over whelming phase - for both new parents and their child. What pram to buy, how much sleep do they need and what's a breast pump? This all mixed in with an absolute love and profound sense of responsibility. 

When it comes to toys - new parents, grandparents and extended family always want the best for the new arrival and will often look for the most 'educational' items they can find. While we here at Casey's Toys understand the need to give our children the best start in life, we always reassure our customers that at this most precious stage, the simple things are often the best. 

One of the mistakes we often see is that parents buy too far ahead of the age range or skill level of their child. While we all want to encourage our children to grow, it is important not to look too far ahead and purchase products they are not yet ready for. Often the child will attempt to play with the toy but will struggle to use it for its intended purpose and become disinterested, frustrated and discouraged - this is true for any aged child. Not only will it create frustration for the child, but they will likely never return to the toy. Therefore, the item you have lovingly sought and purchased will be a waste. 

As newborns start to develop, you can gradually start to introduce toys that will encourage their hand-eye movement, fine motor and gross motor skills. Below we have compiled our Top 10 Baby Toys, comprised of items that are most popular, and staff approved - so you know that they have been tried and tested across the board.

Top 10 Baby Toys Suggestions

1.) Soft stick rattles are a great place to start. They are perfect for little hands and have a soft rattle that will delight them as they learn to grip and squeeze their new toy. That is why sticks by Baby Boo come in at number one.

2.) Coming in at number two would be our Night Lights by Aloka. While not strictly a toy, night lights are great at providing dim lighting, perfect for changing nappies in the middle of the night without rousing your bub too much. They also double as a comfort in dark rooms for kids as they get older.

3.) Number three would have to be stacking cups! They have been a best seller for generations, and for good reason! They can be used on their own, can encourage counting, promote recognising colours and can be used for water play! 

4.) A small, soft, cuddly toy is definitely on our list and comes in at number four. Now here is the tip … if you find one they really like BUY TWO! One will always need to be washed (or lost!) and you will not have an upset child who absolutely cannot sleep or eat without that one single toy. Crisis averted!

5.) Number five = bath toys. We have a wide range to choose from including brands like Fisher Price, Tomy, VTech and Little Tikes. A simple boat, bath crayons or Boon Bath Pipes or Cogs are also LOTS of fun and will keep your baby entertained.

6.) At number six, we have Sophie the Giraffe which has been an increasingly essential item since her conception in 1961. Her soft rounded edges have just the right angles and curves to really get to the gums while your baby is teething. 

7.) Our 7th suggestion is the classic walker. An absolute must for the first year and generally comes into use anytime from about 7 months onwards. Some walkers, like the VTech My First Steps Walker, can detach the activity panel to extend the life of the product! Once they are up and walking pop it back in to place and you have a walker on your hands! 

8.) At eighth we have a TV remote control! Trust us, you do not want a TV remote control thief on your hands (particularly when your favourite show is about to begin) and this is the best way to avoid it! Both VTech, Leapfrog and Fisher Price all have a TV remote control with various lights and sounds to keep their hands busy!

9.) As your child approaches 12 months of age wooden puzzles with lift out pieces/pegs are the way to go. The bright colours and engaging themes will encourage play while the pegs will help develop fine motor skills. This is why they take out ninth place.

10.) At last spot in 10th we have a simple push along car. Trust us - it will serve you well. The VTech Toot-Toot Driver range has cars (some with light and sound), garages, car transporters and more! The cars move along the tracks and when they pass over parts of the track it activates music! More than that, a humble push along car can be taken anywhere so can keep them occupied at home, in the car or while out.

Pop in and spend some time in our stores. There is something to engage every child no matter their personality (and we all know they have it early!). We stock a wide range of products from trusted brands such as VTech, Leapfrog and Fisher-Price. They all have a fantastic range of items that are the perfect size for little hands, are often brightly coloured, have music/sound and possible light functions which engage the child and encourage exploring and play.

More Than Just Toys to Think About

On the birth of a new baby there are more than just toys to think about. We are thrilled to have partnered with Noble Oak, life insurance market leaders, to offer you a definitive list of other  newborn baby essentials new parents need.