Before we actually introduce this fashion feature, we're going to let you in on a little secret. Did you know that the best way to keep our skin protected from too much sun is not through sunscreen, but through shade? Yes, you heard that right - shade. And what better way for your children to have their own "shade", than in the form of fashionably cute childs umbrella. Right? So, for shade or rain, we at Casey's Toys have a great fun range of kids umbrellas to choose from.

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This is one way for your children to express their style. But most importantly, it will serve as their additional layer of protection from the rain, the strong winds, and the hot sun. Since there is so much to choose from, we'll be running through some of the different umbrellas that we have so that you can choose the umbrella that best fits the style or preferences of your kid. By the way, our umbrellas are named after their canopy designs, so that it will be easier for you to keep track of the designs that you and your child prefers.

If your kid wants to keep the umbrella classic but with a small touch of his or her own favorite colour, then we have the Clear Birdcage Umbrellas with coloured accents. Here, you can choose between a red, yellow, pink and blue accent. The specific colours are actually incorporated into the handle, the cap and the edges of the canopy, giving off that minimalist vibe.

If your kid likes the happy and bright mix of colours, then you can go for designs like the Fish, Shark, Raindrops, and Stars. The canopies of these kids umbrellas are primarily transparent, sprinkled with multicoloured prints of fish, sharks, etc. If you're a fan of classical children's themes then the Dinosaurs, Princess, Pirate and Ponies designs would definitely make good choices! These umbrellas are also primarily transparent. But this time, their prints are generally quite bigger. Now wouldn't this be a fun way to show your child's personality through their umbrellas?

Of course, we also have the fully-coloured ones, which include the Umbrella Bambina with Pink Frills, Kidorable Frog, and the Rainbow Umbrella with Fiberglass ribs. The Bambina with Pink Frills are actually perfect for your sassy baby if they like their fashion outfits completed off with a luxurious vintage style umbrella. The Kidorable Frog on the other hand is perfect for kids who like animated umbrellas with a twist, because this item comes with two flaps attached to the canopy, to make up the frog's eyes. It's handle is also designed like a frog's webbed foot. Cute, isn't it? Or, if your kid just wants to have that ultimate colourful umbrella, then say no more, because the rainbow design would make the perfect choice!

In terms of the technical design, our selection focuses on lightweight but sturdy umbrellas. Each of these items generally weigh less than half a kilo, (around 0.2 to 0.3 kg) to ensure that kids will find it easy to carry their umbrellas everywhere they go. These are specifically tailored to become kid friendly. With the umbrella length extending to approximately 2 feet, and their handles being J-shaped, most children would no longer need to adjust their grip to find a comfortable position to hold their umbrellas. Each one of these also has a cap, placed at the top of the canopy to ensure that the rain drops will go down through the arc, and not through the inside of the handle. All in all, this is what every kid would need. Something ultimately handy, stylish and easy to use.

We all have our fair share of experiences on how the weather can be inconvenient. There are days when it rains, and the road becomes slippery and foggy. On these days, kids can have a hard time walking from their house to the bus stop. And there are days when it gets really hot and dry that the kids become prone to dizziness and dehydration. As parents or guardians, we wouldn't want our child to come running down the road either wet from the rain or soaking in his own sweat. And so here at Casey's Toys, we make it our priority to make sure that we also have a selection that will not only highlight the fashion style of your children, but also protect them from these things.