At Casey's Toys we offer a huge range of science based toys and games. Our selection of science toys and kits cover the classic scientific disciplines such as chemistry, physics, technology, engineering, electronics, computing, robotics, astronomy, archaeology, the natural world and much more. we also stock all the equipment they would need such as microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, compasses, magnifying glasses  and much more. Not only are our science kits incredibly educational, but they are great fun as well. For children, play is a primary source of discovery and learning. That's why all our science & STEM products provide an educational, stimulating experience through a fun, engaging process. They are great items for rainy days, school holiday activities and are also perfect for birthday gifts. 

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It's during the early years that play is essential as young minds grasp things more quickly and easily. When you bring your baby to the park or stroll with your child through the streets you will be pointing to different vehicles, maybe a bird flying by or an animal passing by and naming them for your child. Even though your child might be too young, there is a good chance he or she might be grasping and slowly understanding whatever is being told. Hence, it is never too early to start introducing your children to learning experiences and it is best to start with educational toys that make learning both exciting and fun.
With the ability to make boring educational subjects fascinating through DIY activities and easy to understand play models, STEM toys are becoming increasingly popular with both parents and kids. STEM is an acronym which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Stem toys are designed uniquely to spark interest in learning in kids and have a remarkable impact on their overall well being. In this category, you will find many learning toys for different age groups that promote the development of mental and physical skills. Some of these are on sale at less than half their price so grab them before they are sold out!
While choosing educational games and toys, it is necessary to keep in mind the age of the child along with his or her interests. Writing and colouring books will make no sense for a toddler. And memorizing shapes and colours will no longer be interesting to five-year-olds. Also, if the child is below the given age limit of the toy, it can prove harmful as it may have small pieces of plastic or other material that can hurt or choke the child. So don’t forget to also read the minimum age mentioned on the toys to buy the appropriate ones for your kids.
Does your child like building things and is a budding engineer? Then toys like Green Science Tin Can Robot, Fun Mechanics Dragon Robot and Eco-Engineering Box Racer come with easy to read instructions and materials that make construction easy and boost creativity. Through kits like these, your child can learn the basics of machinery and infrastructure right from construction to demolition. Solar Recharge Station 7 In 1 teaches different ways to power up motors and charge machines, while in Salt Water Fuel Car Kit children learn the building and working of a car along with new forms of clean energy. Encourage them to discover things about the earth and the amazing world of the ants that live beneath the surface with the Star Wars Ant Farm. Let them experiment with crystals and their formations through the Crystal Growing Kit. If your child has started learning physics in school, you can help with educational kits like Scientific Explorer's Amusement Park Science that will help him or her get answers to scientific concepts while creating their very own amusement park! Techno Gears Marble Mania Shockwave is one of the popular STEM toys that is soon sold out and needs to be booked in advance. It enhances the spatial skills and hand-eye coordination of the child and has limitless options for creativity and play.
By getting started with STEM toys, educational kits, experimental models and playsets you are letting children discover which area is the most interesting to them. As they uncover answers to their questions, make new discoveries and explore the nature of the world around them, they may also realize their potential and pursue it further as a career. There is a variety of science toys here that you can gift your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews. If you are confused as to what to buy as a birthday present for your friend's, colleague's or relative's kid, then you can always consider getting them a learning toy or educational kit from Casey's Toys. Well, that's the smart thing to do. These toys will not only assure a fun way of learning but will also help a child be better prepared for school.