Baby's being babies have a lot to learn about their world and boy are they curious and eager to learn. Everything is new to them, every shape, colour, texture and sound. Each new thing encountered is a vital learning experience. Providing them toys helps them discover their senses. This journey of discovery not only entertains the child but watching them learn and grow will bring the parents much joy as well. Casey's Toys range of toys for kids between 0-12 months are perfect to get them interested in the world and start them on this amazing journey.

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Between 0 and 8 weeks a baby can only observe their surroundings, and their vision remains slightly blurry. To stimulate their vision items of bright contrasting colours should be used either over their crib or while playing with them. Babies are fascinated by the different colours. One such toy we have for this purpose is the Chroma Chameleon.

At around 8 weeks a baby will begin to be able to use their hands and will start grabbing at things. Toys such as rattles, squeaky toys and plastics keys not only will keep them entertained but also focus their attention on what their hands are doing. This helps to develop key neural pathways and promotes the growth of fine motor skills. A second option would be to dangle these toys above them and encourage them to take a swipe for them. Watch them be delighted with how it swings or makes a noise when they connect with it. Not only does this improve and develop movement skills it further solidifies and connects the activities of the hands to the noise. Casey's Toys stocks a rattle and chain and plastic keys by Lamaz for this purpose.

As they continue growing up introducing new toys becomes increasingly important as it encourages a healthy sense of curiosity in kids. Toys encourage them to engage with their world in all its diversity. The range at Casey's Toys will make sure that you never run out. We stock a variety of toys in different textures, shapes, weights, colours, sounds and some even have different smells. Great examples include textured activity blankets, activity boxes with sounds and movement, soft blocks, balls, plastic cars, trucks, and trains, pop-up books brightly coloured, multipatterned crib mobiles, rattles, unbreakable mirrors, floor gyms, activity boards, soft, washable, colourful stuffed animals or dolls with a smiling face, small stuffed fabric balls. Furthermore, some as designed to help relieve teething pains.

As they grow further toys can be used to explore cause and effects relationships. For example, the Fisher Price hide and seek pop up shows that by pressing a button something else happens. Furthermore, toys such as rolling balls, pile and play cups, playgo shapes and blocks help them to develop motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Now between 7 and 12 months babies show rapid development in their ability to move. They grow from sitting and rolling to scooting bouncing and pulling themselves up. They also begin to understand their own names and other common words such as body parts. Accordingly, they can now play with slightly more complex toys to ensure they remain stimulated. You can give them dolls, puppets vehicles and water toys and watch them play pretend. Their developing motor skills means they can pick things up and stack them, so beads, balls and nesting toys are also ideal. Providing them with large blocks and wooden cubes to build with encourages imagination and creativity while push and pull toys, large balls and soft obstacles to crawl other stimulates important muscle growth. You can find all these at Casey's Toys

In conclusion although your child will show increasing curiosity, they also have the attention span of a baby. Toys and games are unlikely to hold their attention for more then a couple minutes. Therefore activities, toys, textures sound and smells should be regularly varied. If they seem bored with a toy or game do not be afraid to try something else.