Animal and pet dolls have long been established as classic toys for children. It wouldn't be a surprise to see one of these in a family household, or in the hands of a child at almost any park. These kinds of toys not only bring excitement and happiness, but spark fun for the whole family.

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Casey's Toys' featured animal and pet dolls offer a wide variety of selection. Obviously, they are modelled after animals like bears, dogs, ponies and rabbits to help your child become familiar with them. Some of our items include hatching animal eggs (also known as Hatchimals), Little Live Pets, and Pony Playsets. It allows for all children to have an exciting interaction and learning experience with different animals, without having to feel scared. But other than that, our toys come in different forms and functions too. You name it, we have it-- hard and soft textured toys, cartoon-inspired and realistically designed toys, battery and non-battery operated, both solo and family doll sets-- all at a price that wouldn't hurt your family budget. This selection allows for you to choose whichever toy would best suit your children's needs and preferences without compromising the quality.

Say for example, if you want something that is specifically interactive for your child, a good example would be the Zuru Pets Alive Robotic Unicorn, where it actually reacts to touch, motion and sound. It can interact back with your child in several different ways. This will help kids develop their imagination, social skills, and sense of responsibility. A toy as interactive as this one would help create a beautiful vision for your child where things are colourful, lively and playful. They can think up their own playworld with their favourite unicorn and have fun. It allows them to learn how to communicate and take care of something else. 

If you prefer something that is still interactive, but is soft and more baby-proof, you can opt to go with toys like Furreal Cubby The Bear. This toy comes with a set that allows them to groom, feed and play with their baby bear. This warm mushy friend is actually like a real companion since it can laugh, dance, and play some relaxing music. These are the type of toys that not only build the social skills of your child, but also develops their emotions. Soft warm toys act like a security blanket for kids, helping to soothe them whenever they feel sad or afraid. It's like having their own safe space but in the form of a toy. It wouldn't come as a surprise if at some point, your kid will bring Furreal Cubby The Bear almost everywhere he or she will go, whether it's to their bedroom, on a family trip, or a sleep over. It is because these toys provide a layer of emotional protection.

For those who believe in the saying "the more, the merrier", you can also select toys like the Sylvanian Families - Milk Rabbit Family. Packed with 4 individual rabbit dolls, this particular set will help nurture your child while showcasing the importance of family. As much as it makes a great collection in itself, the Milk Rabbit Family would also make excellent pairings for dress up-themed plays, tea parties and doll houses, letting your child's creativity fly high. This will certainly spark imagination that is limitless.

All in all, each item from this selection will help build anyone's childhood in a wholesome, memorable and delightful way. It is not just about the imagination that these toys can inspire from your child, but their character that it helps shape as well. Our Animal and Pet Dolls from Casey's Toys helps initiate a sense of empathy, compassion and responsibility in your child. It helps nurture their communication skills. And of course, it gives them a strong yet warm sense of emotional security. And, it comes in many forms and variations, so that you'll be able to choose which toy is best for your kid.