Well here we are again. The year has flown by and next stop is Father's Day. I don't know about you, but helping my daughter find a gift for Dad and searching for a gift for my own Father is always very hard in our household! Their interests are varied from movies, to sport and fitness, travel, hobbies, work and of course us! What did we get him last year? What does he need? Is there anything he actually wants? We all know that socks do not cut it anymore and with the ease of online shopping, Dad's more than ever are basically shopping for what they want when they want it. This leaves us searching for the perfect gift for the man who literally has everything!

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Okay, let the search begin ...

The best advice we can give is to think outside the box. If Dad is a keen builder or handyman have you considered a hobby item?

Our Casey's Toys Hobby Centres are stocked full of everything for the experienced or emerging hobby enthusiast. We have a great range of retro, remote control cars of which were highly popular in the 70's & 80's. We have seen many a man come in, get swept up in reminiscing from their younger days and reprise a hobby they haven't touched for decades! The Frog, Hornet and Grasshopper from Tamiya are perfect examples.

Similarly our model kits are highly popular and fast become addictive as customers create intricate scenes based on their interests. We carry ranges from Airfix, Revell and more that cover cars, space, military vehicles, boats and the ever popular Gundam range. Our hobby departments also stock a vast array of paints from Vallejo, Tamiya & Humbrol, brushes & tools from Excel, Proedge and everything else Dad will need to complete the model of his dreams.

If Dad is a novice, do not stress. We have starter kits and our experienced hobby staff can point you in the right direction and be there when Dad has to pop in for his next project.

Is your dad a AFOL?

Just to be clear - that is not an insult! J

AFOL stands for Adult Fans Of Lego and there are millions of them all over the world! LEGO is still an interesting, engaging and most importantly - FUN hobby for children and grown-ups alike!

We have the biggest selection of LEGO and are so proud to offer a myriad of ranges, Top Sellers and New Releases to our customers. We have the traditional LEGO City range but generally find Dad's tend to like LEGO Technic, Architecture, Creator ranges where the subject matter is either relevant or of personal interest to them. For example Star Wars or limited edition car releases like the Lamborghini, Porsche.

The launch of LEGO Masters in 2019, shows the keen interest that people of all ages, gender and walks of life have in LEGO, the fun it offers and the stories it tells through tiny little bricks.

The more indoorsy type dad ...

Okay, so maybe your Dad (or partner) is not into sport that much and likes nothing more than settling down for some serious family time with a board game! If this sounds more like him, chances are you already have a huge board game collection. Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, UNO, Twister & Battleship. Done, done and done!

We have a great range of board games suitable for Dad's with younger children so everyone in the family can get involved. Beat the Parents, Kids Know Best, Toilet Trouble, Pie Face and a basic deck of cards go a long way to keeping Dad and the family entertained. You can start with a basic set of cards, upgrade to a 'gold covered' set, a card shuffler or maybe even a new poker set.

If the kids are a little older the range of games available opens right up! Throw Throw Burrito and the NEW Throw Throw Burrito Outdoor Edition are the perfect way to let out some pent-up frustration by throwing (soft) burritos at each other! Cards Against Humanity, a beautifully crafted Dal- Rossi Wooden Chess set, Risk, Settlers of Catan are other good options.

Puzzles are another good alternative if Dad enjoys the peace and quiet. There are some wonderful Ravensburger or Clementoni options with some going up to an eye-watering 5000 pieces! If Dad is short on space you can also get a roll up puzzle mat which keeps the pieces in place and also doesn't annoy the family by taking up the entire dining room table for weeks on end.

Whatever you choose, Dad will be thrilled with the one thing money cannot buy. Your time, love and undivided attention.

Happy Father's Day Dads!