Imagine the following situation: your child in unwrapping a present they have been looking forward to and you discover too late that it needs batteries and they are not included. you frantically start searching through draws but each battery is flat..... At Casey's Toys our range of batteries will make sure that the above situation and other potential disasters will never happen as we have a battery for every occasions. 

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in Today's world most things are rechargeable. However several key items still need batteries to function. They include TV remotes, RC controllers, torches and several toys. Having a back-up pile of batteries ready is always a good idea. You will be prepared for any eventuality. 

What If the lights go out and your phone is dead or you need to hunt for something in the dark. Or even if you are telling ghosts stories around a fire .By ensuring your torch remain bright you will encounter no issues. That s achieved by maintaining an amply supply of batteries

What If your child has been looking forward to playing with their new RC remote controlled item, whether its a car, drone or helicopter. Chances are any old batteries will soon be exhausted as they will want to play for hours. Ensuring that there are plenty spare batteries available is vital as it would be terrible if a kid's fun and excitement would be cut short by a lack of power to their remote. It could be even worse if it is a drone as control over it may be lost mid flight which could cause it crash and land somewhere unreachable.  

Finally we all know these following situations that could easily be avoided by having extra batteries on hand. Your favourite show is on and you reach for the remote to change the channel but oh no its not responding, the batteries are dead. You run to the draw and grab a bunch of batteries but by the time you have found some that work its been 10 minutes and you have missed the start of the show and the rest is ruined. Or its late at night and you are enjoying some quite time with regular TV. Suddenly you notice your child is awake and is walking into the room just as a fighting scene starts, you lunge for the remote but the batteries are dead.....