Boats and Planes often seem to be the coolest things to children, they find them very fascinating and interesting. They love seeing the big boats on the ocean or watching planes take and land. When they get older there is no bigger treat then a trip to a planes cockpit. often the first thing a child dreams of becoming is a pilot. Here at Casey's toys our model boats and planes will capture your child's imagination and help them fulfil their dreams.

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Let's take your family's last beach trip as an example. It was a long drive and the kids have no idea where you're going. Since you left the house so early, you stopped over for some breakfast at your favourite restaurant. During the breakfast rush, the whole place smells of coffee and two baristas are at the counter talking to customers while making the delicious hot beverage. You went to the same counter and brought your kids with you and they saw what the baristas are doing. They found it so fascinating that they can't help but say they want to be like those baristas when they grow up. While at the counter, the kids caught a glimpse of the kitchen where pancakes, sandwiches, hams, bacon, and sausages are prepared. This time, they tell you that they want to be chefs when they grow up. Back in the car and on the way to the beach, you passed by a construction area. Heavy equipment vehicles are fixing the road. The kids saw how the operator controls the backhoe and how the driver maneuvers the truck. So they tell you again that they want to be like those people. Then when they look up, an airplane flies by so they ask you how it floats in the air. You tell them about airplanes and how pilots drive them. Amazed at what you shared with them, they decide to become pilots this time around. Upon arriving at the beach, there are boats and ships out on the sea. Their curious minds come up with questions again so you tell them about these aquatic vehicles and who drives them. Of course after hearing it, they want to become seafarerss interest because seems extraordinary for them. Their curiosity does not stop at asking adults questions about these amazing machines. They want to know more. In fact, they want to know everything about it. And that's  a good thing. It's great that they are curious and eager to learn about the different things around them. Pictures, videos, and stories are useful teaching methods, but holding the actual thing makes it easier for them to grasp the concept. Over the years, many toy companies have developed numerous versions of toy airplanes. Some are made from plastic, some from die-cast. Some are just mini, stationary models designed for display purposes. What makes kids happy is a mini, but functional airplane. A toy airplane with moving wheels, wings, and doors. It is even better if it makes sounds and has real flashing lights. Other kids dream even further then the sky. Once kids discover the idea of astronauts, they won't stop talking about it for sure. Their curiosity will reach outer space and beyond. The more curious they become, the better because that is the perfect opportunity for them to broaden their knowledge.

It is the same thing as with boats. Like planes, vehicles that can move through water are appealing to kids as well. Kids love everything about the sea especially its creatures, mermaids, corals and vehicles that go on it. That is why they get excited when they learn that ships and boats can take people to different places by travelling by sea. Even after the beach trip, kids are still not over boats and ships. How about giving them toy boats and toy ships? Casey's Toys offer different versions of these toys for kids who want to be captains of their own boats and ships. There are boats and ships that are battery-powered. Some are remote-controlled. But the most important feature is that they can move through the water. You can make bath time more fun and more exciting for kids by giving them their favourite toy boat or ship.

Toy airplanes and toy boats are not only fun for kids. It also helps in the development of their motor skills. It helps them stay physically active by moving to the same direction where the toys move. It boosts their imagination, story-telling skills, and communicating skills by coming up with their own fun aerial or aquatic scenes.