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Get all your kids art supplies at Casey's Toys. We have a great selection of drawing and painting materials, kids paint, kids colouring pencils, chalk, crayons, textas, kids markers, paint brushes, sketch pads, drawing boards, kids easels and other essential art accessories for children. We are the one stop shop for your young Picasso's to create their new masterpieces  Read more... read more


First things first. Put on your EC Junior Artist Smock so your clothes won't get all stained. Pair it with EC Splash Mat to keep the floor mess-free. Next, decide where you want to draw. Crayola White Paper Pad or Sketchbook might be perfect for you if you want to use crayons and markers as your medium. Crayola 3 in 1 Double-Sided Easel is a great choice if you are using different types of drawing mediums. If you would like something you can bring on long road trips, get the Dry Erase Colour & Go, Travel Lap Desk, and Art To Go Table Easel. The world-trusted brand Crayola offers the best art supplies for your every need. They have a whole collection of washable colouring materials: washable paint, washable markers, even washable crayons. Oh, Crayola has washable chalks too! What are you creating today? Do you want to make something shiny and bright? You will love using the washable glitter paint partnered with washable neon paint. If you're feeling a little silly, these are perfect for you: Silly Scents Slim Markers, Washable Silly Scents Paint, and a whole set of Silly Scents Mini Art Case. Smell it while you're drawing with it. Pick up your next colour. Would it smell sweet or stinky?

For your next play time outside, bring one Sidewalk Chalk Bucket with you. Transform your boring sidewalk into a fun and colourful play area. Draw different shapes, letters, numbers, and anything that comes out of your imagination. Do you think one bucket of chalk would be enough? Bring an extra pack in case you need it.

Take your art projects to the next level using palettes of children's watercolour paints paired with durable paint brushes. Create beautiful paintings with watercolour effect. Start with flowers. It's great practice for painting with water colours. And, the finished project looks awesome too. It's a good exercise for the brain and it helps in enhancing your creativity.

For mess-free painting sessions, Little Brian has the right product just for you. Paint Sticks are pigmented retractable solid paint in sticks. It's great for painting. It's fun, convenient and mess-free. In case you accidentally painted your skin, you can easily remove it with water. It's totally safe for kids like you. Try using it and be amazed to see that it glides easily on any surface such as wood, glass, canvas, plastics, and of course on paper. Choose from packs of classic colours, metallic, and day glow which are glow in the dark too. There are packs of 6, 12, and 24 pieces of paint sticks.

Even the youngest artists will find something for themselves here with crayons for toddlers. Those little fingers and hands won't have any problems holding the kid-friendly art materials we have specially selected for you. You will love doodling and drawing with Jumbo Crayons, Easy Grip First Crayons Tower, Easy Grip Maxi Markers, Easy Grip Egg Chalk. There's even a pack of Easy Grip Paint Brushes and Texture Brushes for your painting sessions. Pre-school kids who likes scribbling will be excited to receive a magnetic scribbler or a megasketcher.

Here's another cool activity set. Aquadoodle kits. Each package contains a mat and pen. You will love this for sure. Don't be surprised when you see that the pen has no colour. Just add water and start doodling on the mat. Watch as the pen filled with water magically draws with colour!

If you've gotten used to all the art materials and you are looking for a unique way to paint, try the Blow Pens Air Brush set. Got tired of the manual air brush? You will love Crayola Marker Airbrush that comes with a spray. Now, that's exciting.

What will you draw today? Have you decided on what materials to use? Choose from the best brands we picked for you: Alex, Crayola, Jolly Kidz, Tomy, Playgo, Melissa and Doug, Leapfrog, EC Paint, Aquadoodle, Barbie, Easy Grip, and Little Brian. Don't forget to include a desk caddy to put your art materials with your purchase today. You don't want to lose one or few of your art materials.

Draw and paint anything. It's all up to you. The only limit to what you can create is your imagination. Art activities are good for you. It helps in developing your creativity. It's a great way to express yourself and discover your hidden skills.