Here at Casey's Toys we know just the toy that's perfect for innovative toddlers and preschool kids full of ideas: Duplo LEGO. Is there anything cooler than LEGO? Well, nothing except Duplo LEGO. Double the size. Double the fun. Double the creativity. These colourful pieces are specially designed and made for kids who enjoy imaginative and hands-on play. Furthermore our variety means there is something for every child, from those who want to play at construction, build a whole city or simply create worlds with their favourite movie characters such as Anna and Elsa, Batman and Spiderman.

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Toddlers and pre-schoolers are always on the lookout for new activities to try. It does not necessarily have to involve new toys, new books, new charts, new flashcards, or any new materials. Children are resourceful and full of ideas so whatever items are given to them, they always find a way to create something out of it. But is it really possible to create different wonderful things with the same resources? with Duplo Lego one certainly can

Through Duplo LEGO, parents are able to discover their kids skills, talents, and interests in an entertaining way. Duplo LEGO supports many aspects of a child's development. Essential life skills are being sharpened while they are having fun building up and breaking down their Duplo LEGO creations.

Kids who love to experiment with the different things they can do with their Duplo LEGO will discover the concept of cause and effect early. Say, you got them Duplo LEGO Brick Box and Large Green Building Plate. "What will happen if I put these pieces side by side?" "Can I put one piece on top of another? How many pieces can I stack up before its the same height as me?" Questions like these and many more will come up as parents let kids play with Duplo LEGO regularly. As they find out the answers, the cause and effect concept will be instilled in them. They will realise that their actions will result in something. Not only that. Their curiosity also intensifies as they think of other interesting questions after the previous ones have been answered, both about their Duplo LEGO sets and the world around them. And we could all agree that it's a good thing. The more curious they are, the more room for more knowledge and new experiences.

Another reason to love Duplo LEGO sets is their capability to spark a kid's creativity and imagination. For example, your child is playing with the Modular Playhouse set. Once finished building it, your child wants to add some extra finishing touches such as new furniture and designs to the house but there are no more pieces in the box. Just some loose Duplo LEGO sets are lying around. To your surprise, your child thought of creating a mini table or bed using those spare pieces. Creative and resourceful, isn't it? Sets like Tropical Island and Farm Animals are perfect for kids who love to come up with their own stories and share it with the whole family. They can assign names to the animals and think of dialogues. It's like watching your child's special presentation from the front seat. You will be amazed to see how they interact with their audience and their storytelling skills.

When faced with a challenge during playtime, parents will get to know how kids react to it and solve it. There's a missing piece. There are no more red bricks. There is not enough space for the doll house made from Duplo LEGO pieces. Adults consider these as minor problems. To kids, it's a big issue. How they react to it and think of possible solutions reflect a kid's mental skills and abilities. At first, it's natural that they will have a hard time figuring it out. As time passes, they will be more familiar with the idea of problem solving and critical thinking. That for every problem, there is a solution. More than that, it teaches kids that not everything will turn out as expected and that it's okay because they can still do something about it.

There are also Duplo LEGO sets that aid in teaching kids about basic knowledge such as numbers and letters. They will learn to read and count while building a colourful train. How cool is that for kids? We can imagine the smile on their cute faces while playing with those sets. Through the construction sets, Police Station sets, and Bakery set, kids will have a broader understanding of the different roles of people in the community. They will know what these people in different uniforms and clothing's do everyday. Bonus if they become their role models and if they decide to be like them when they grow up. It develops their empathy, how to deal with people, how to relate to them. And by developing those, they will know how to treat people fairly and with respect.

Did you get excited about getting your next Duplo LEGO sets? Check out what we prepared for you. We're sure you'll love it.