It is well known that kids love collecting and playing with toy animal figurines. Furthermore, for special occasions and gifts pets or toy animals are always high on the wish list. Casey's Toys will always have a toy animal suitable for any such occasion. Each figure is carefully modelled with immaculate attention to detail after a real-life animal . From the colours, the texture, patterns, designs, and even the facial expressions, these animal figurines look every inch the real deal. However because there is such a variety of animals out there choosing the right one can be daunting. To help Casey's Toys has complied a list of some common questions and answers.

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Question 1: At what age is it appropriate to give my child toy animal figures to play with?

Answer: As with many toys the appropriate age depends on the type. Within Schleich and other brands the most common recommendation is 4+ depending on the complexity and because the toys do represent a choking hazard for small children. However, each child and each toy is different, and the ultimate choice is for the parents and it is always good to double check. Around 4 and up is a perfect time to give them an animal figure as it really activates their imagination and sense of creativity which is just starting to flourish. This works especially well as these toy animals are relatively simple allowing for the child to fully create their own world. This simplicity is vital as complex toys do too much and limit the ability to apply their imagination. It also allows them to hone their fine motor skills. 

Question 2: Why should I give my kids toy animals to play with?

Answer: Animals are important toys for kids to play with for several reasons. Firstly, it helps improve creativity and imagination and these simple toys become their own unique characters during playtime. Additionally, playing with animals and diorama's can inspire an interest in the outdoors and nature which is important for kids' development. It also encourages them to learn more about their favourite animal whether it is a lion, crocodile or dinosaur. Besides the physical benefits of playing with animals such as muscle development, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, these toys also help with oral language and speech development. Mimicking animal noises helps kids strengthen vocal muscles and improves language skills and range. Furthermore, regularly playing with these animal figures will not only teach kids about the animal kingdom and about the different animals around, it will also help develop their communication and social skills. Making up different stories about the animals and sharing it with the family or with friends will prepare them for when they need to talk to different people when they grow up.

Question 3: Where can I find the best animal figure for my kids?

Answer: Kids having a favourite animal is truly a doubled edges sword. On the one hand they are really interested in learning as much as possible about them which aids their development. It also is effectively a get out of jail free card for parents as a gift centred around their favourite animal is always a safe and available fall back if you are in need. However, kids will always be craving something new and parents will find themselves pressured into finding new material of figures to keep their kids happy. This is where Casey's Toys is happy to help. We stock an incredibly wide range of toy animals and dioramas with many different options and varieties. It does not matter if your kids loves the safari and its elephants and lions, underwater and its dolphins, fish, whales and sharks, dinosaurs such as T-Rex triceratops, giganotosaurus, Spinosaurus and others, ponies, farms, African, Australia, American or fantasy creatures we have something for everyone. 

Question 4: Can toy animal figures be given as presents for any occasion?

Answer: The truly amazing thing about toy animals such as those made by Schleich and found at Casey's Toys is their versatility. They will make suitable presents for many occasions at very affordable prices. A smaller once of toy for when your kids aces his tests or helps around the house while larger sets and gifts can be saved up big occasions such as Christmas and birthdays.

Question 5: How durable are Schleich toys?

Answer: One concern parents always have when buying their kids toys is durability. Can this toy stand up to the high stresses that a child will put it under while playing with it? They may throw it, drop it, bend it or pull it and a toy must be able to survive this. Well when it comes to toys made by Schleich there is very little to worry about. Schleigh toys are world renowned for their durability and toughness. They will be able to hold up to plenty of handling without showing any signs of wear or tear. However, they are only toys and are not designed to withstand extreme wrenching or twisting or biting. 

Question 6: Are Toy animal figurines a choking hazard? 

Answer: Yes. Although Schleich Toys are made to be tough, many items do contain small parts that are a choking hazard, especially for children under the age of three. Different toys of different sizes will be suitable for different ages. Please feel free to ask one of in store personal for help or Visit Schleich's Website for specific model detail.

Question 7: How safe is the plastic on Schleich toys if my child starts to chew them? 

Answer: The plastic Schlech uses for its toys is PVC which is not inherently bad and in fact makes them more durable then other competitors. Furthermore, Schleigh complies with international regulations regarding safe materials in even the strictest countries. The materials they use for production are non-harmful and are regularly checked and approved by independent laboratories. They will only use supplier companies that provide lab reports detailing the process and materials used in productions. These supplies are subject to continual strict and even spot checks to ensure that complete safety and transparency is maintained. Ultimately, this incredibly high standard means that a Schleigh Toy is very safe for kids.

Question 8: How do I navigate Schleich's range of toys? 

Answer: Finding the best Schleich toy without a set idea can be a daunting process. A Great place to start is their website. It is very easy to navigate. Your broad categories are at the top of the page and once clicked you can find individual toys in the category. To help you a little the categories you can find are: Wild Life, Farm World, Horse Club, Byala®, Dinosaurs, Eldrador® Creatures and the Smurfs . Once you found your ideal toy or larger set, plug the name into the search bar in Casey's Toys website to see if we have it online, or phone your nearest store and ask if they have it in stock. 

Question 9: Where to find cheap toy animals?

Answer: If you are looking for quality toy animals for cheap and affordable prices, then there is no place better to find them at Casey's Toys. The great prices found in our stores extend to all items in our extensive range which includes world famous brands such as Schleich, Wild Republic and many more. Our wide range means there will be an animal for everyone whether they want something uniquely Australian or something more exotic. 

Question 10: Is the paint used in Schleich toys safe for kids?

Answer: Yes, Schelich focuses a large effort on ensuring every part of their toys is safe for kids and that includes the paint as well. 

Question 11: Are Schleich toys collectable?

Answer: While collecting Schelich Toys probably won't see a return on investments, because they are so durable and have such a wide range collecting them can turn into a hobby that both you and your child can enjoy. The collection can be geared around their favourite animals. Having a hobby like this is not only fun it helps teach children important organisational skills while providing and amazing opportunity to learn new things. 

Question 12: What are some fun things to do with toy animals while in lock down or when stuck inside on a rainy day?

Answer: Over the past year families have been forced to spend far more time inside then usual. Fortunately, toy animals can provide many opportunities for play while indoors. A first step which just be to allow your child to exercise their creativity and come up with their own game. If they ever get bored with that here are some other fun options that both parents and kids can enjoy. Firstly since they are relatively easy to clean plastic animal toys can be used to paint with, allowing kids to create unique pieces of art. Or in combination with PlayDoh, kids can make their own footprints or fossils by imprinting the animal in it. Slightly more educational is sorting them by size, colour or something else. This helps a child's development by teaching them to identify differences and group items by similarities. 

Question 13: What are some fun things to do with toy animals while playing with my kids outside?

Answer: There are plenty activities involving toy animals and playing outside as well. Simply letting them play outside, because the environment is more complex, provides a greater opportunity to flex their burgeoning creativity. By playing with animals outside kids interact with the wider environment and learn from it. Toy animals can also be used as an incentive. For example, each new environment to explore comes with its own unique animal. They can also be used to help kids learn about native Australian Flora and Fauna. 

Question 14: What are the best toys to create a Safari theme for my kid?

Answer: A further demonstration of how versatile toy animals are is their ability to add to themes. For example, if a child loves the Safari then Casey Toys recommends

  • Lions: SC14812 
  • Lion cubs:SC14813
  • Lioness: SC14825
  • Leopard: SC14748
  • Cheetahs: SC14746
  • Hyena: SC14735
  • Okapi: SC14830
  • Hippopotamus: SC14814
  • Zebra: SC14810
  • Elephants: SC14762
  • Giraffe: SC14750

to decorate their room and create a truly immersive scene. 

Question 15: What are the best toys to create a farmyard theme for my kid?

Answer: If they love the farm then at Casey's Toys you can find a wide range of animals that would be the perfect addition to any birthday cake for a farm themed party. They include 

  • Donkeys: SC13772
  • Horses: SC13853 and others
  • Foals: SC13774 and others
  • Sheep: SC13882
  • Cows: SC13797 and others
  • Pigs: SC13782
  • Goats :SC13828
  • Chicken: SC13826
  • Turkeys: SC13900

Specific breeds include Frisian Mare, Arabian Mare, Black Forest Mare, and Saddlebred Mare. To complete the fun, you can also get a paddock, horse stalls, saddles, and blankets.

Question 16: What are the best toys to create an Australian theme for my kid?

Answer: There is also unique range of Australian Animals that includes 

  • Wombat:SC14834
  • Quokka: SC14823
  • Kangaroo: SC14756
  • Koala: SC14815

These animals are perfect for any budding outbacker or wrangler. 

Question 17: What are the best toys to create an underwater theme for my kid?

Answer: If they think that underwater creatures are just the best pick up a assorted bag or whales or dolphins. There is also the

  • Seal: SC14801
  • Doplhin: SC14808
  • Walrus: SC14803
  • Hammerhead Shark SC14835
  • Orca: SC14836
  • Great White Shark: SC14809 
  • Tiger Shark: SC14765

Question 18: What are the best toys to create an domestic scene for my kid?

Answer: If they prefer domestic animals then our range of dogs and cats will delight them. For example we have:  

  • Yorkshire Terrier: SC13876
  • Schnauzer: SC13892
  • Dalmatian: SC16838
  • German Shepherd: SC16831
  • Labrador Retriever: SC16395
  • English Cocker Spaniel: SC13896
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback: SC13895
  • Shorthair: SC13894
  • Maine Coon: SC13893

Question 19: What Toys should I buy if my kid loves dinosaurs?

Answer: Casey's Toys also has an impressive range of Dinosaurs including, 

  • Baryonix: SC15022
  • Giganotosaurus: SC15010
  • Oviraptor: SC15001
  • T. rex: SC14587
  • Velociraptor:SC14585
  • Ankylosaurus: SC15023
  • Carnotaurus: SC14586
  • Allosaurus: SC14580
  • Pteradon:SC15008 
  • Brachiosaurus: SC14581
  • Utahraptor: SC14582
  • Diabloceratops: SC15015

Whether it's the ocean they love or dragons, ice creatures, lava monsters or unicorns there is a large enough range to be found at Casey's Toys for any desired theme. 

 Question 20: How do I encourage my kids to become interested in nature?

Answer: Experts have been telling us that kids spend far too much time on screen and need to be spending more time outside but how do we go about achieving this? One popular suggestion is to do an arts and craft project based on materials found outside. To take this a bit further theme the project around the environment of some animal that the child has. For example, a toy koala will be surrounded by sticks, greenery and lots of leaves. Another idea is to set up an easy treasure hunt as the excitement of funding something will encourage them to stay outside for longer. Finally, given them tools to help them discover new things such as a bug box or book and magnifying glass.