Doll Prams-- you know every kid wants one. These are the prestige stroller sets made for children's playtime. These kinds of toys help kids take care of their baby dolls especially when going out on trips or vacations. And if we have a whole selection of baby dolls, of course we also have a selection dedicated to doll prams. After all, why buy a baby doll, if you won't buy a doll pram, right? Casey's Toys selection of doll prams showcases four unique and beautifully crafted strollers that will help kids protect and care for their baby dolls. Each Pram has a distinct design and feature that will cater to the preferences of your child.

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If you and your child want a sturdy all-purpose type of stroller, then the Bayer Vario Doll Pram Unicorn makes a good choice. First and foremost, this stroller comes with an easily adjustable, wide coverage carry cot, as well as an adjustable handlebar. This is to ensure that your kid can set the height of the handle to a level that would make them comfortable to push the pram. Aside from that, the handlebar is also transferable from the front side to the back so your child can push the stroller from either end. And not only that, it's handlebar is made sturdy enough so that it can carry a handbag or two. It also has a small flexible hammock underneath that will serve as an additional storage space for toys like baby bottles or toy nappies. In terms of aesthetics, the stroller's design is modern yet kid friendly. It is coloured with dark hues such as black and navy blue, with a touch of pink hearts. Most of all, this can be quickly converted into a pushchair or folded over for travel purposes, making it a handy, multi functional pram.

Our selection also includes the Baby Born Roamer Pram Refresh, especially built to cater to baby dolls from the Baby Born Series. Mainly coloured in pink, both its handlebar and hood are adjustable. It comes with a removable apron, and it also has an additional, netted storage underneath, enough to hold multiple toys and baby doll accessories. And of course, this pram is also completely foldable, making it easier to bring along family trips.

If you and your kid would prefer a lightweight stroller, then our Umbrella Stroller is definitely the pram for you. Mainly coloured in blue hues, this toy sports two separate handlebars with textured grips. It also includes safety straps so that you kid's baby doll will remain safe. All in all, this pram has a compact design so that you can easily pack and get going.

If your kid prefers a lightweight umbrella stroller that is specifically pink, then we also have one for you, our one and only, Doll Stroller in Pink Apples! Coming in with a heavy load of cute pink design, this pram ensures the protection of your child's baby dolls. It comes with a wide coverage canopy, a handlebar with textured grips, a 3-point safety strap, and a netted storage underneath. Aside from all that, this pram is also easily foldable, making it a perfectly portable playtime prop.

Over all, each of Casey's Toys' featured prams provide an interesting and convenient way to help kids practice their sense of responsibility. It allows them to become more nurturing and compassionate. Knowing that they are able to "provide" and take care of their dolls as best as they can, boosts their confidence and emotional stability. This also helps them become less afraid of big strollers (if they used to be), and encourages them to approach real-life babies in strollers, in a lighter and more sensitive manner. In short, this particular selection is not only meant to serve as a prop during playtime, rather, it is made to add to the fun, creativity and excitement, all while helping children develop well-rounded characteristics.

Toys like these make excellent gifts, especially for kids who love baby dolls, or even stuff toys. Our collection consists of nothing but the best doll prams there are-- multi functional, portable and sturdy. They also come in different variations and designs. We have a modern convertible pram, a lightweight simple version, and umbrella type strollers. This way, you and your kid can choose a pram that best caters to their preferences and their baby doll's needs.