Going outside for some fresh air or having a fun day at the park is even more fun for little kids when they have something to keep them busy and entertained. If you're looking to buy a new toy for your child, you might want to get one of those cute ride-on vehicles especially designed for kids.

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One great ride-on that you can purchase here at Casey's Toys is the SmarTrike Zip Go 4 in 1 Trike. Are you wondering what the four functions are? We understand that it is intriguing because four functions is a lot for a small vehicle toy for a small child. But trust us when we say that kids will love using this and will enjoy riding it for many years while they are growing up. Every one of the functions of this awesome ride-on is designed for their age. As they grow up, parents can transform the vehicle according to their needs and skills. Think of it like this: it goes from stage one to stage four while your child is also going through different stages of growing up. Babies as young as ten months old can already use the stage one function of this vehicle. It's designed with high backrest to support their bodies and it also comes with a detachable canopy to protect them from sun and rain. Since they still can't kick the pedals at this point, they can safely place their feet on the foot rests. Stage two is designed for kids eighteen months old and above. At this stage, the backrest is slightly lower than on stage one but the foot rests are still present and parents can still push and pull the vehicle. Stage three is for kids twenty-four months old and above. At this age, kids can already practice using the pedals and moving the vehicle using their own force. Another good feature of this vehicle is a one-push control that helps parents switch the vehicle from child-controlled to parent-controlled. Stage four is for kids thirty months old and above. It's where they can practice using the pedals to move the vehicle by themselves. The handle for parents is removed to let the kids use the vehicle freely which is a good thing because it helps them develop their confidence. Aside from developing your kids' physical aspects, this vehicle also helps improve their independence, patience, and imagination. Once they learn how to ride it alone, they can go on different adventures that only they know because it came from their creativity and imagination.

Another great vehicle toy from this collection is the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. Aside from the fact that it is a great tool for developing kids' lower body, it is also a fun activity for them. The fun starts with choosing the cutest design. We have different colours, characters, and animals that kids will surely love. Little boys will like the dino and truck designs, but girls should not be sad because there's a girl version of the truck design. Cool! There's also a pink-and-yellow and a pink-and-white Cozy Coupe. There's also a princess and a fairy design. Oh, there is a fun accessory that you can get together with the Cozy Coupe. It is the Little Tikes Cozy Pumper. Kids will love role-playing using their cute vehicles and making stopovers to fill up their gas tanks. Fun! This Cozy Pumper looks like a real gas pump complete with a hose and buttons. And here's another fun feature: it makes six different sounds to make the role-playing more fun. It can be used indoors and outdoors. The parts are completely weatherproof so you don't have to worry about the buttons or the hose wearing off when used outside.

Fans of Paw Patrol will love another cool ride-on vehicle in our store. Paw Patrol Scoot N Ride is the perfect vehicle for small kids who love the show. It features a wide seat to ensure kids are comfortable while riding it. It also has cool graphics that are based on the kid-favourite show.

Have you chosen your favourite ride-on yet for your next family day out? Continue browsing our website to find the most amazing toys for kids of every age. Check out the bikes, tricycles, and scooters that kids will also enjoy. Are you looking for other toys too? Don't forget to check the other sections. You might find the toy that your child wants for the longest time. It's also the perfect birthday gift or gift for any special occasion.