Choose from hundreds of different puzzle designs and sizes at Casey's Toys. We carry all the top brands and our jigsaw puzzles range in size from 12 pieces up to 10,000 pieces! Select from different designs including landscapes, animals, famous people, movie characters, pop culture, artworks, famous landmarks, cities, skylines, plants, flowers, cars and more.

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The humble jigsaw puzzle is now more popular than ever and has evolved into one of the most rewarding and affordable hobbies available to people of all ages and abilities. Puzzles provide amazing physical, mental and emotional benefits. They are the ultimate cognitive training tool that works on both sides of the brain. They also are a great way to remain productive in your spare time or to take a break and relax.

We stock reputable puzzle brands such as Ravensburger, Funbox, Clementoni, Tilbury, Sassi and more. 

Our 500 to 1000 piece puzzles are great for older children or beginner level adults. They range in size from 49x36cm to 70x50cm and can take around 5 to 10 hours to complete. These puzzles are excellent for improving cognitive function, critical thinking, and concentration. For example check out this ever popular 1000 piece Harry Potter jigsaw puzzle.

Our large 1500 to 2000 piece puzzle provides more of a challenge with sizes ranging from 84x60cm to 98x75cm and taking up to 15-25 hours to complete. These are brilliant for the intermediate to experienced puzzle solvers and a terrific option for people who appreciate doing puzzles frequently. Like this 2000 New York puzzle which our customers love.

Our largest include a 3000 piece puzzle up to a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle. These are not for the faint hearted! These mammoth beauties range in size from 121x80cm to 153x101cm and can take anywhere from 35-65 hours to complete. They are for the more experienced puzzle solvers and a way to really work out your visuospatial intelligence, patience and concentration. These 5000 piece puzzles are also perfect for framing and displaying and also great to collaborate on. Work with a partner, family members, or even workplace colleagues. See this 5000 piece jigsaw puzzles Australia Great Barrier Reef theme as an example.

Don't forget to purchase a puzzle mat too. They ensure an easy clean-up whilst in the middle of a puzzle project.

Do they make 5000 piece puzzles?

Absolutely! 5000 piece puzzles are widely available across many of the popular puzzle brands.

What is the puzzle with the most pieces?

Grafika has released a 54000 piece puzzle called "Travel Around Art" which measures an astounding 8.67x2.04m! This puzzle is a wall of many well-known classical framed paintings from incredible artists like Van Gogh, Da Vinci and Klimt. Once completed and displayed its like having the wall of an art museum in your home. Being the largest puzzle available commercially, it is hard to say how long this would take to complete, but no doubt it would take approximately 800-1000 hours to finish.

What size is a 5000 piece puzzle?

Depends on the brand and shape, but in general they are usually around 153x101cm.

What are the most popular jigsaw puzzle brands?

There is an abundance of highly popular jigsaw puzzle brands on the market - Ravensburger, Clementoni, Blue Opal, Eurographics, Galison, Springbok, Grafika and Cobble Hill are among the popular brands. They all have incredible image resolution no matter the puzzle size and perfectly fitting pieces made with extremely high-quality materials.

Is there a 10000 piece puzzle?

No, not exactly. Puzzles are either a 9000 piece puzzle or a 13000 piece puzzle or larger.

How long does it take to solve a 1000 piece puzzle?

This varies on the image design, piece size and shape. A straightforward rectangular image will take approximately 7-10 hours. It can be quicker if the design is very simple. If you are completing one of the "impossible puzzles" (where there are additional details to the main image or irregular shaped pieces) or one solid colour to distort and challenge your cognitive thinking, it can take up to 30 hours!