It seems that learning how to ride a bike is one of the most unforgettable childhood memories of many kids. It's like they have achieved something big and gained much more confidence once they have unlocked this new skill. This newly discovered confidence is a stepping stone for all the bigger things they will encounter everyday as they grow up.

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We always hear the saying, 'Nothing worth having comes easy'. And it is true, even when learning how to do new things such as riding a bike. Tricycles are great starting points toys to teach kids how to ride a toy vehicle steadily. They are also safer and more steady because they have three wheels. A great tricycle that both kids and parents will love is the VTech 3-in-1 Ride With Me Motorbike. It is a multi-use vehicle toy that kids will use for years to come. It starts off as a walker for little boys and girls at nine months old. Once they get the hang of that they can start to learn to ride the tricycle . In no time, they will get used to controlling the vehicle and have lots of fun with it. Watch them as they kick and zoom through the house. They will surely enjoy it that they will ride it even when just going from the living room to the dining area. That's cute, right? Once they grow a little older, you can transform the vehicle into a bicycle which is a great tool for training them on how to balance. It is also a great toy to prepare them for bigger bikes. Aside from the cool 3-in-1 feature, kids will love pressing the buttons on the dashboard and singing along with songs, learning new words and phrases, and learning about the community. It's an interactive 3-in-1 Motorbike that kids will surely love using every single day.

Another fun multi-use vehicle is a Chillafish Bunzi. It is a 2-in-1 tricycle and bike that kids can use to practice their balancing skills. They can start off with the three-wheeled vehicle and once they get used to it, they can slowly transition to the two-wheeled vehicle. It comes in pink and blue colours that both boys and girls will surely love. Let's not forget another great balance bike from the company Globber Go. With its sleek design and sturdy parts, kids will love riding it everyday. They can take it to the yard or in the park and practice balancing while getting some fresh air.

After gaining the confidence to ride the tricycle and the balance bike on their own, kids can then start practicing how to step on the pedals of a bike. A great bike for kids is Hyper 30cm Bike Lil Racer. It comes in pink and purple and green and blue colour combinations perfect for both boys and girls. It also comes with detachable training wheels to assist kids in getting used to the 2-wheeled vehicle. Casey's Toys also have Hyper 40cm Bike Raider and Hyper 50cm Bike for different age ranges and different levels of expertise in riding a bike. There is a bike designed for every kid, with colour combinations and designs that they will surely like.

Before anything else, make sure to make all necessary precautions. Riding these vehicles is a fun activity for kids but that does not mean that safety should be neglected. It is very important for kids to wear safety gears when learning how to ride a tricycle or a bike, especially when they are just starting out. Enjoyable can also mean safe. Get one of the Hyper helmets for your kids and teach them about safe driving at an early age.