One of the ways a child can express themselves is through the way they dress. What they choose may reflect their personality, creativity and even their mood on a certain day. We at Casey's Toys understand this and aim to ensure that our range of kids clothing, shoes and bags can satisfy the demands of even the most fashion forward kids. However for us comfort supersedes fashion. Since kids are very active their clothes and shoes, even fashionable ones, must be comfortable to wear. With this in mind we have put together a catalogue of the best range of comfortable shoes, beenie boos bags, socks and bracelets. 

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Over the years, fashion companies developed various collections of kids' clothing and shoes. Different styles have been huge hits with kids and parents alike. Since kids are easily attracted to cute and colourful things, fashion designers incorporated art with comfort to create staple clothing pieces for little boys and girls. Clothing manufacturers discovered different styles to suit different needs for kids' clothing. From babies and toddlers to older kids there are fashion items available to all suitable for any occasion, weather, or activity. Even everyday clothes were made more stylish while providing the same amount of comfort to children.

Back in the days, there are only a limited number of items kids can choose from. Now, they feel giddy whenever they are in a kids' section of a clothing store. Racks after racks of different kids' clothing can be found in malls. It's funny, because sometimes there are more choices for kids' fashion than for adults. Tops with their favourite characters, in their favourite colours, and their favourite brands are always available in most stores. They would spend endless hours picking out and fitting clothes that suit their taste. Some kids choose simple tops and bottoms. Some are more into colourful and trendy outfits. They would look for unique and stylish shirts, pair it with a pastel-coloured skirt or shorts, and complete the look with a matching pair of shoes. Other kids are more adventurous when it comes to styling themselves. They would have a collection of cute quirky socks and they would wear them together with their favourite shoes. Some pairs are rainbow-coloured. Some are printed with faces if cute animals. Some with patterns such as polka dots and hearts. Some are mismatched socks. Whatever pair it is, it sure looks good on a little fashionista. It's a great personal statement, right?

Clothes, shoes, and bags inspired by kids' interests are great ways to develop their sense of imagination and creativity. We see kids dressed in rainbow-coloured tutu skirts with matching rainbow knee-high socks and ballerina slippers. On the way to the ballet dance studio, they carry fuzzy Beanie Boo backpacks on their backs. Other kids are always dressed like fairy tale characters. They would slip into their princess outfit, put on their pretty headbands, and finish the look with princess shoes. To complete their outfit of the day, they put all their accessories and trinkets inside a fairy-tale-themed bag. This is great, because kids like these know already know what they want when it comes to fashion. It reflects the way they think and how they present themselves to the world. Now their style and interests may still change over time, but the values that they have developed during their early childhood will stay with them as they grow up. They can be anything they want to be, dress up however they want to be as long as they have the confidence to do it. Just a little reminder that dressing up appropriately according to their age is something that children needs to know as well.

Mixing and matching different fashion pieces help develop their own style that in turn shows their unique personality. In a world where almost everybody wants to be like everyone else, encourage your kids to take the risk and be different. Fashion is an expressive form of art. You make your own rules, your own style, and pick your own wardrobe. It is something that kids can appreciate even at a young age. It's more than just staying trendy or dressing up. It is building the foundation of your personality and you will carry it as you grow old. So experiment with colours and patterns as you like. Choose whatever design you like. It's your style and no one has the same fashion sense as you have.