Blue skies, strong winds and a wide open space ... can you think of a better outdoor activity other than flying a kite? Don't think twice, drop by Casey's Toys and pick up your own awesome kite then take it outside and watch it soar. It's time to test your flying skills and perform your best kept aerial tricks. If your kids happen to get bored with watching a kite then no worries Casey's Toys gliders will provide all the entertainment and activity they need 

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If you need to buy kites or buy toy gliders online or in store, Casey's Toys has partnered with the best brands, creating a great selection of kites for you. Australian brand Ocean Breeze kites for kids come in different sizes, colours and shapes. These outdoor toys are carefully designed and made by experts who know the best materials to use for all wind strengths.

Kids as young as four years old can enjoy a beautiful day outside flying a diamond-shaped unicorn-printed kite. Little boys and girls who love colourful things may get the rainbow-coloured kites. You can choose from different shapes, too. Do you like the diamond-shaped rainbow kite? Or maybe you want the delta-shaped with a long tail? There's even a bird-shaped kite. Now, that is very cool.

Imagine going to the beach on a sunny day. The winds are not so strong. Just the right strength to fly a kite. Once you have successfully lifted the kite, it's the only one in the sky that catches other kids' attention. Then they come over and ask you about your cool kite. You'd talk about kites and other fun stuff for hours and arrange your next kite-flying session together. You gain new friends, plus you learned so much from other kite enthusiasts.

When you have mastered flying the basic ones, you can slowly switch to advanced stunt kites. We are talking about dual-handle stunt kites made for medium-strength winds. These kites can do more than just flying steadily up in the sky. Practice doing speed loops and dives. Learn how to push and pull the lines to maneuver the kite and control its movements. You would not want to let go of the strings once you learned how to perform these stunts. Here is something more awesome. There are kites with four lines. Can you imagine yourself flying a quad-line kite? You might even be able to enter a competition when you get better at flying your kite and become a kite expert. What stunt kite tricks can you do?

As much as it is for recreation, it is educational too. Do you remember those science lessons about air, pressure, and gravity? Well, it's time to conduct your own fun science experiments. Do a research about the most famous aerodynamics theories and the methods on how to test it using kites. What are the forces that keeps the kite off the ground? How is gravity not pulling it down? What is the science behind the stunts performed by professional kite masters?

Do you know that by understanding how kites work, you will also know how airplanes fly? That is what aerodynamics is about. Are you dreaming about becoming a pilot? Flying a kite is a great training for you then. Do you want to be an astronaut? Flying a kite is a great practice for you as well. The more you understand how air moves around objects, the more you can easily crack the code behind a successful kite stunt. So the next time you go out to hang out at the park, at the beach, or at your backyard pool, bring your kite. Ask your friends to bring theirs too and exchange your kite knowledge. Share what you learned about aerodynamics and how kites work. It will amaze them for sure and inspire them to research and study too.

Now that we've mentioned airplanes, you can also get airplane-shaped toy glider planes from Casey's Toys. Throw it as far as you can, as high as you can, and with full force. Watch as it flies, spins and dives in great speeds. Toy glider airplanes are the perfect outdoor activity for the whole family. Perform the same amazing stunts as you are doing with a kite using a smaller toy shaped like an airplane. Your glider toy will be easy to assemble and does not involve complicated parts. Begin flying your very own glider in seconds and play with it for endless hours.

These outdoor toys are a great way to relax, it's a beautiful bonding activity, and it's good for ones health. Using these toys, kids will learn that it's fun to play outside rather than staying inside the house all the time. Flying kites and gliders is safe, as long as you're taking necessary precautions. Remember to look for a wide open area clear of anything that can be caught in the kite's strings or where your glider can get stuck. Other than that, enjoy and have fun outside!