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Casey's Toys have curated and collected the most exciting craft activities for kids who love to discover new hobbies. Whether they like to draw, paint, create fashionable accessories or figure out a puzzle our wide range ensures we have you covered no matter what. Our range offers the ultimate kids rainy day activities, your kids will never run out of fun things to do Read more... read more


Little children who are just starting to explore their skills and interests will enjoy playing with slime, peg board, and magnetic characters. These are great kids craft ideas. Learning how to form words and read groups of numbers is a great way to prepare kids for other important life skills. Slime kits are perfect for tactile play that allows kids to understand their senses and properly use them. It encourages them to explore things and learn from it. A kinetic sand set is a great kids craft idea, too. Boys and girls will love building sand castles, shapes, and animals with it. It sparks creativity and imagination. Plus, it's fun and relaxing.

A little pastry chef will find something at Casey's Toys, too. Sweetlings Sprinkle Shop set comes with cute colourful cupcakes and containers filled with whipped clay to be used as frosting. You will love designing the plastic pastries using different frosting tips and accessories. Whipple Starter Set will give you an idea about the exciting world of baking. You get to decorate your own cake, cupcake, and macaroons. What's more exciting than decorating is that you can wear your sweet creations as accessories. Cool! Then there's Foodie Surprise sets. Each package contains special ingredients and tools that you can use to whip up tasty candies in the shape of your favourite foods. A sweet tooth like you will love it for sure. It's like cooking different types of food, but they always taste sweet like your favourite treats. If you really like pastries that you just want to stare at them all day, trusted brand Melissa and Doug offers embroidery kids activity kits complete with materials to create your own embroidered cupcake. Wow, reading about all these dessert-themed arts and crafts kits must have made you crave for something sweet.

Kids who are into fashion and beauty will be thrilled to find their favourite trendy sets for their next glam up sessions. Style your hair using Crayola Creations Ultimate Braiding Kit and Colour N Wear Hair Extensions. Invite your friends over for a fun mani-pedi play time with Shimmer & Sparkle Nail & Tattoo Designer Studio, Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon Printer, and Crayola Creations Metallic Nail Design Kit. Spend endless hours designing your nails and flaunting it while taking photos with your besties using our children's makeup craft sets.

Looking for even more kids craft ideas? Level up your makeup skills and practice the art of face painting. FairyLites Face Painting Deluxe set includes beautiful colours of paint and brushes. Light blue, yellow, and pink. What do you think about drawing fairy designs on your face with these colours? How about adding some Avenir tattoos to your look? Glitter Unicorns and Glitter Butterfly designs will make you stand out.

Now, your outfit would not be complete without colourful accessories. How about making necklaces using recycled paper beads from Green Creativity? You might also like to weave your own bracelets with Cool Maker Kumi Fashion Pack and Loom Deluxe Set. You have a wide variety of options for making accessories: Nebulous Stars Cosmic Jewelry, Bitzy Blitz Accessories, Make It Real Gold & Glitter Accent Jewelry, Make It Real Decoupage A Bead Jewelry, Melissa and Doug Shimering Hearts Bead set, Crayola Glitter Mesh, Crayola Creations Jewel Maker, Shrinky Dinks Jewelry & Mermaids, Creativity For Kids Zig Zag Headbands, Creativity For Kids Fashion Bracelet Kit, Alex Lil Lockitz Best Friends Party Pack, Charminis Charm Maker Jewelry Studio, Alex Jewelry Design Studio, LOL Shrinkems Jewely Maker, and Lotsaloops Loopy.

You can also accessorise your bag with Crayola Creations Badge Pin Design kit. But if you want to design your own bag, Design Your Own Canvas Bag, Shopkins Messenger Bag, Fashionista Colour Your Bag, and Cool Maker Tidy Dye Station are the perfect choices for you.

Do you like collecting Disney items? If you answered yes then you will love the Disney Paint & Style kids craft sets. The package contains one Disney Princess figure, paints, and brushes to design it. That sounds like fun! You can choose from Rapunzel or Elsa. There's also a special Frozen set containing Anna, Elsa, and Olaf all in one package. Paint & Style is also available in Paw Patrol designs. Now back to Disney characters. Diamond Dotz offers designs with different characters including Elsa, Anna, Goofy, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse.

Stuck for kids school holiday ideas? We have something for you if you love drawing and doodling. Doodle Top Design Kit and Spirograph sets include all materials needed to create unique written patterns and drawings. Crayola Creation Fashion Sketch set helps young fashion designers practice their designing skills.

Have you decided on your new craft hobby yet? This might help you out. We've got Mould & Paint sets - Llamas, Glitter Princess, Flamingo, and Dinosaur. We've got colourful Felt Creations - Pet Shop, Farm, Princess Castle, and Construction. If you love to collect cute things, you might like Crayola Wood Creativity Stampers, My Fairy Kitchen Garden, Canvas Pop Art, and Paint Your Own Rocks Neon. We also have Glow In The Dark stars to have your own galaxy in your room.

There are many more brands that offer the best products to meet your child's creativity needs and help you out for children's rainy day ideas: Beados, Bluey Bunchems, Foam Alive, Fuzzeezz. We also have Gelli Baff products that magically transform your bath water into goo. We have items from Gemex, Inkredibles, Klikbot, LOL Surprise, Quercetti, Rose Art, Sands Alive, Sticky Mosaics, Tybo, VTech. We have Sew Softies and Fuzzezz to make your own dolls, fluffy pets, teddy bears, and other soft toys. Choose any colour of Play-Doh to mould your own animals, flowers, fairy tale characters like Disney princesses, and characters from beloved kids shows like Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig.