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Often some of the first toys a child will get is a car or truck and without fail they love it. such a toy is universally loved regardless of age or gender. Thanks to the wonderful imagination found in children these toys can be used in countless different ways. This is what makes them so fun. Here at Casey's Toys we can cater to such bountiful imagination weather its through our Hot Wheels racers or construction trucks. Buy something from this category and watch your child spend endless hours playing with it and loving it. Read more... read more


Kids'  love for toys with wheels goes through different phases. In their earlier years when they have little knowledge about their surroundings, kids are very happy with a small and simple toy car. Since they are still developing their skills, they would need help from mum or dad when playing with their toys. They would need some sort of assistance to identify how things work and how to enjoy their toys. That's when parents would teach children the basics like pushing or pulling the toy car for it to move, or pushing a button for an electronic toy truck to light up and make sounds. They would carry what they learned until their toddler years where they are more capable of doing different things and playing with more complex toys. It's no surprise that they would still look for toys with wheels. Only this time, they would request  bigger ones that are more technologically advanced. Because they have developed more skills over the last couple of months and years, kids would have a better understanding of how their new toy cars work. They would also spend less time figuring out how to play with it.

And since they are constantly introduced to different elements and characters, kids would naturally incorporate it to their playtime with the new toy cars or toy trucks. Some kids would enjoy crashing the cars together and launch into giggles whenever they hear the crashing sounds and see the cars collide with each other. Other kids would love arranging several cars neatly into rows and columns. Some kids would create a makeshift highway complete with obstacles and road signs. They appreciate the little things and are happy with whatever toys are given to them and make the most out of it.

As they grow older, toy cars and trucks will always have a special place in kids' hearts. Even after many years have passed, they would always remember it as their most favourite of toys. It goes to show that toy cars, toy trucks, or any other toys with wheels live up to their promise of bringing joy and entertainment to children. These toys would always be the kids' most frequent companion and playmate. But their role in children’s lives does not stop there. While toy cars and toy trucks give happiness to children, they have a big contribution to kids' development, too.

Kids love pushing and pulling their toy cars. Slowly, they discover that for the cars to move, they have to do something. What do they develop from that? They learn the concept of cause and effect. The cause: their effort to push or pull the cars. The effect: the toy cars moving along with their actions. Kids find out that the speed of the cars depends on the force they exert on it. Not only that, the more they play with it the more they develop their fine motor skills. They become more physically active. They would spend long hours pushing and chasing after their toy cars. this stimulates muscle growth which is good for them. Toy cars are also great tools in sparking kids' imagination. Especially when they are already exposed to different stories, shows, and characters, kids are already capable of combining different stories into one awesome scene. They would even insert scenes that only they could ever think of. Their ideas would vary from time to time and would be greatly influenced by their recent favourite movies, television shows, books, and even everyday events. For example, they see a construction site. Of course, heavy duty equipment and vehicles are seen on the site and kids find it amusing and interesting. They would not stop thinking about it once they see it. They would start incorporating construction elements into their stories. When they see police cars, there's a high possibility that crime scenes and police officers would appear in their next play sessions.

These toys can also help parents discover kids' interests. Do they have kids who love coming up with different creative stories and sharing them to other people? Or do they have kids who love arranging things just like how they are always arranging their toy cars? Maybe they have kids who love toy cars and toy trucks so much that they just want to collect as many as they can. Whatever it is, Casey's Toys can help