Name one of the classic children's activities (or toys) that keeps its users tinkering. Any guesses? They're usually packed in boxes and by the end of the activity, you'll end up completing a masterpiece like a picture, or a cute painting. You're probably thinking about it right now and if you're thinking about puzzles, then you're definitely right! Puzzles have a way of enticing children's curious and creative minds. They start with tiny jigsaw pieces, with each piece fitting a unique position in the whole puzzle. For most users, the easiest way to start this activity is by the edges of the puzzle. This is easier since all you need to do is look at the way each piece is cut. If it has at least one straight side, then it means that the piece is placed at the edge of the puzzle. Then you work your way through the whole thing, matching the pieces to see which ones fit together, until finally, you complete it. Brings back the fun memories, right?

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Here at Casey's Toys, we have made it a point to be able to offer toys that will challenge and develop children's motor skills and cognitive abilities. And so, we have a whole selection of Puzzles for toddlers aged 6 to 8, each consisting of around 100 to 300 tiny little pieces. Our selection of puzzles include different themes and designs so you can choose the puzzle that best suits your child's style or preferences.

If your kid has a deep appreciation for Disney, then our Disney-inspired themes are definitely the ones you should go for! An example of a best-selling set under this theme is the Ravensburger 100-piece Aladdin and Jasmine Puzzle. This showcases a timeless picture of Princess Jasmine holding the genie's lamp, with her best friend, Rajah the Tiger, peeking from behind. We also have Toy Story 4 Puzzle featuring Buzz Lightyear, Andy and the rest of the playtime gang, and the 3D Disney Castle which shows the beautiful yet elegant architecture of the famous castle behind Disney's logo. We also have other fairy tale inspired sets like the Mystical Meeting, Magical Fairy Night and Princess with Horse!

If you want puzzles that are more educational, we have the Blue Opal: Giant Map Around the World, Ravensburger: The Solar System, Ravensburger Looking at the World, and Blue Opal: Wild Australia From Desert to Sea! These sets will most definitely help your child familiarise and learn about different places. You may also want to have something that dives more into a specific place, like sets that mainly feature famous landmarks from all across the world. Well in that case, we also have them for you! Try picking out the Empire State At Night design, which showcases the beauty of this architecture in a 3-dimensional view. We also have I Love London which features some real eye candy like the London Eye and Big Ben! The artwork you'll see after you have completed the puzzle is mesmerising, it can make children want to see and appreciate the beauty of these landmarks in person. Who knew puzzles could also make you feel the urge to travel, right?

And of course, we wouldn't forget about the children who have hearts big enough to fit all the animals in it. We have sets that are perfectly made for you! You can choose between designs like the African Animal Babies, Delighted Dogs, Horses in a field, Cuddly Kitten and many more! Featuring none other than the majestic animals of the wild and the cute and cuddly pets we have, these sets will surely make your children go "aww". It will help them appreciate animals, and may even influence them to adopt pets someday (if they don't have one yet).

All in all, each puzzle is meant to add happiness and excitement to a toddler's playtime. They help to intrigue and peak the interest of children by showcasing artworks or pictures. But most importantly, these puzzles help children improve their patience, creativity, motor skills and intellectual skills. By introducing an activity where challenge meets fun, toddlers will surely enjoy doing puzzles while boosting their skills in concentrating and strategic thinking.