Whenever they see one on television shows or movies, kids always get excited at the sight of a train. They will  launch into hours of asking every question they could think of about it. It will easily be one of their favourite topics for sure. And you can't blame kids it's only natural that they are amazed at the idea of trains and railways because trains are awesome. It is with the recognition of this awesomeness that  Casey's Toys is happy to provide our many Train models and Train sets, with enough variety to satisfy the curiosity of even the most inquisitive kids. 

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Television shows present trains in various ways. Some are illustrated the way a real train would look like. Other shows display trains as cute vehicles made of chunky shapes and colourful parts. Kids love it more when trains have smiling faces and can talk and sing. That way, children become more interested. That is why many television shows use the idea to teach kids about important life skills while keeping them entertained as well.

Colourful trains for kids can also be seen in toy stores. Many toy companies use the idea of cute trains to create fun and educational toys for kids. Different versions have been released over the years and many have been favourites of kids and parents alike. There are versions made of wood, plastic, die-cast, and other materials. Depending on the age and needs of the kids, parents have a wide variety of choices if they are thinking about gifting their child with a toy train. Even babies less than a year old will surely love playing with it. It is a great toy for teaching  children about the concept of cause and effect. With the help of toy trains, babies will discover that with a push or pull, they can make the train move. Aside from that, they will develop their motor skills allowing them to grasp things easily and use their hands properly.

Moving on to the toddler years, trains can still be of great help to kids' development. Since trains are made of several pieces, kids will  learn how to connect them. They will have an idea of how to build a larger thing by connecting the smaller parts. It will also help in the development of their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Building a train set complete with rail tracks involves analysing the parts and how to connect them to create the whole set. That results in kids becoming problem solvers at an early age. That is an important skill that they can use in their daily lives as they grow up.

Fast forward to a couple of months or years, trains are still popular among kids. Older kids love bigger and more complex train sets that perfectly match their interests and skills. Some sets include trains made up of more than 5 coaches, long railways, road signs, and lights. Children's train adventure would start at assembling the pieces to make the whole awesome set and prepare it for long hours of play time. Being a more advanced set, the trains would be battery-powered and automatically move through the rail tracks upon switching it on. They would make cool sounds just like that of a real train and would have lights that flash when the vehicle moves. And since kids their age love exploring different things, they would come up with stories that go well with their train sets. Names of different characters and places would appear on their imaginative stories. Just like in the movies or television shows, every time the children turn on the engine of their toy trains they would set out on exciting adventures. As the train moves, so as their creative minds. Kids' imagination and creativity develop as they regularly play with their favourite toy trains. Using only their imagination, they would go to different places and meet different characters that only they know. Not only that, their story-telling skills are also improved while they are thinking of new stories to go with another train adventure. They also come up with sentences to be used in sharing their ideas with their playmates. Whether they are playing with their parents or with their friends, kids will always be excited to share their train stories. The playmates should listen and interact with the kids as that would greatly help in their communication skills.

Toy train sets are also great devices to educate children about real trains. Since they would encounter trains everyday when they grow up, it would be nice if they are introduced to it at an early age. It would be a great preparation for them for when they need to ride on a real one. If you’re looking for your next train sets, continue browsing our website to see the different colours and designs that we got for you.