Give your kids a boost with items from our range of educational toys and books. Our range has been carefully selected to offer you only the best toys, games and books that will cultivate a learning attitude within your children or grandchildren, while at the same time teaching them basic, essential skills and fostering a healthy imagination and creative flair.

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Our early learning workbooks, flashcards and games are focused on developing basic skills for children in pre-school, ELC, kindergarten and even primary school years. Kids between the ages of 3 and 10 could benefit from some of these items. Getting kids familiar and confident with these concepts can be invaluable in their success at school. Some of the basic skills that you can find include:

- basic counting 1 to 10 and 1 to 20

- basic maths like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

- learning about the times table

- learning about time and money

- learning about fractions and percentages

- learning about shapes and sizes

- learning the alphabet

- basic sight words

- basic picture words

- learning the sounds and phonics of letters

Many of our workbooks, flashcards and games also develop general thinking skills and also include fun activities like mazes, word searches, dot-to-dots, games, puzzles and more. You can also visit us in store where we also have a range of educational posters.

We also have a classic range of Scholastic kid's story books. Research has shown that the best way to encourage children to read, is to read books to them from a very young age. Our range of fictional children's story books, with beautiful engaging illustrations, are perfect for getting kids excited about reading. We have some Australian classics like Wombat Stew or Give Me A Home Among The Gumtrees or Shoes from Grandpa. More recent popular story picture books include Thelma the Unicorn, Macca the Alpaca, the Woolly Wombat and much more. These books are a wonderful way to teach children about themselves, how to behave properly, about our Australian culture, to explore feelings like jealousy, anger, love, friendship, happiness, sadness and to enrich their imagination. No doubt a childhood filled with memories of these books will lead to an adult life filled with reading and learning.

We also have several sensory toys in our range for those kids who struggle to focus and need something to fiddle with.

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