Pokemons have been making both kids and adults happy for more than fifteen years now. So your little one has been talking about Pokemons nonstop for days, but do you have any idea of what a Pokemon is? The Pokemon world has been recreated many times through video games, television shows, movies, and card games. The latter is famous among kids who love to collect cards of their favourite Pokemons.

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Before anything else, allow us to provide you a short background about the wonderful world of Pokemons and the Pokemon trading card game. Pokemons are creatures who possess different powers and capabilities. They either live in the wild or with their owners, which are called trainers. A trainer's goal is to catch as many Pokemons as they can and train them. Hence the line, 'Gotta Catch 'Em All!'

At first, younger kids would just collect Pokemon cards without playing them. They would just look at the photos and remember their names from the show. Since they are still unable to read, they would not know how to play the trading card game yet. When you think about it, Pokemon cards are great tools for kids to learn how to read. Once they have familiarised themselves with the illustrations, they can then proceed to reading the letters one by one. It would be like extended reading lessons during playtime. That way, they are having fun and developing their skills at the same time. With regular playing of Pokemon cards, kids will learn how to read faster. What started as reading letters would eventually be words, and before you know it they would already be reading sentences and everything printed on the cards. By that time, they already know the rules of trading Pokemon cards and playing against other Pokemon trainers to expand their card collection.

Speaking of card collections, Casey's Toys have a wide range of Pokemon deck, trainer box, and special edition items for all the little Pokemon trainers out there. Pokemon TCG Trainers Toolkit contains over 50 cards that you can use to up your game, more than 100 energy cards, 65 card sleeves, a deck builder's guide, a rule book, and more items that you can use to transform your card collection into an interactive Pokemon tournament. Each Pokemon TCG Galar Power Mini Tin contains one of the five Pokemon art cards that you can collect. You will also get 2 booster packs and 1 metallic Pokemon coin. There are many more sets that you can get from our website. We bet you would like this too. Pokemon TCG Champion's Path Hatterene V contains 1 foil card featuring Hatterene V, 4 booster packs, and one code card for the online Pokemon TCG Trading Card Game. Upgrade your Pokemon collection by getting one Pokemon Sword and Shield Vivid Voltage Booster pack. Each pack includes 35 booster packs that contain 10 cards each to level up your collection. Worrying about your package being tampered? Worry no more. This booster box is safely sealed to avoid rare cards being detected and removed from the box. There are over 185 new cards to collect. Do you think you can catch them all?

If your dream is to become the greatest Pokemon trainer, we have lots of stuff to help you make it a reality. Different booster packs and trainers boxes are available here on our website. Pokemon TCG Champions Path Pin Collection Wave 2, Pokemon TCG Galarian Sirfetchd V Box, Pokemon TCG Portfolio 9 Pocket Sword & Shield Darkness Ablaze, Pokemon TCG GC League Battle Deck, Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Booster, Pokemon TCG Alolan Sandslash GX Box, Pokemon TCG Pokemon Meowth VMAX Special Collection Box, Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield Build & Battle Box, Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield Booster, Pokemon TCG Booster Knock Out Collection Assorted, Pokemon TCG Cosmic Eclipse Booster, Pokemon TCG Unified Minds Booster, and Pokemon TCG Pokeball Collector Tin Series 5 are just some of the special Pokemon items that you can order here to expand and upgrade your collection.

Which type of Pokemon are you looking for today? Do you already have the classics like Pikachu, Balbasaur, and Charizard? Whether you're just starting out as a Pokemon trainer or you're looking for items to upgrade your collection, we have them here. Keep browsing this section of our website to see the amazing items that we prepared just for you. Don't forget to check out the other categories. You might find that one toy that you are looking for here at Casey's Toys.