While many kids love fairy tales, superheroes, and funny cartoons, some are hooked into spy-themed shows and movies. Well, we can't blame them. The spies we often see on screen look super awesome. Plus, they always have a collection of cool spy gadgets that we all want to use. Well ... you now can! We at Casey's Toys have a great range of spy toys, spy gadgets and walkie talkies. Equipped with these gadgets your kids will transform themselves in secret agents is regularly save the world from danger

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Kids, what is your all-time favourite spy show? Who is your favourite spy?

Is it someone who wears a tuxedo and rides an expensive car? We have seen that many times and we are all amazed whenever these tuxedo-wearing secret agents would get into an extreme action scene with their enemies. When things get worse, the secret agents would use their hidden weapons to win against the opponent and carry out their mission no matter what. The mission varies from acquiring top-secret information, saving another secret agent from the terrorists, or getting a very important item that belongs to the government.

Imagine being one of the best spies in the world and you have been given a very important mission. Your expertise is required for the success of the task and no one else have the qualifications to do it. You would be summoned into the headquarters and be given all the tools you would need to accomplish the mission. You would enter a big room full of storage space for different spy equipment. You are to go undercover, so you need a costume that you can get from the same room together with your spy gadgets. When you have everything you need, it's time to start with the mission. You would leave the headquarters riding an expensive car custom-made for top secret agents like you. It's like in the movies. A top down car zipping through a road in the middle of an endless savannah. Not long after, enemies are already following you and are very eager to stop you from finishing your mission. Not to worry. Your spy car is fully-equipped with weapons to stop them. On the dashboard, you will find different buttons for different defence features of the car. Hurry and look for the button to super speed the car and get away from the enemies.

Whew. That was close, huh? It's night time when you finally arrived at the location. Can you still do the job? Of course! Spying in the dark is even better. There is less chance of the enemy catching you and less civilians roaming outside. It's time. Look inside your suitcase and bring out your night vision goggles. Don't forget to strap on your secret wrist blaster just in case. Slowly go inside the location without being noticed. Your black spandex suit will greatly help you in moving stealthily. Now, be careful of the laser beams. You don't want the alarm system to go off and compromise the mission. Hurry, get the item and leave quickly. But wait, the container is locked. What would you do? Look inside your suitcase again and look for some unlocking device that you can use. What, there's nothing? It's time to call for backup on your walkie talkie. Your partner is on the lookout in case something happens. Turn on your walkie talkie and switch to your designated channel to reach your partner. Don't forget to mention your secret code so your partner can confirm it's you. After just a few minutes, backup arrived and you got the item successfully. However, enemies started attacking you on your way out. Don't worry. Your backup came prepared too. The item is the top priority so you should secure it first while your partner covers you. Aaaaand, it's a success! Congratulations. You made it. It's another successful mission.

This is just one of the many spy stories that you can recreate with your friends. You can try to do a different mission next time. Or be a different kind of spy. Like the ones who wear casual outfit instead of tuxedo. That would be awesome too. Whatever it is, you can always find all your kiddie spy gadgets at Casey's Toys. Long-range two-way radios are must haves and there are lots of options from different brands like Spy X, VTech, and Spy Gear. Walkie Talkies also come in different designs such as your favourite Disney characters and Paw Patrol characters.