At Casey's Toys we understand that not only do we help, encourage, inspire and educate the kids of today, but we also have a responsibility to plan, innovate, change and conserve for the kids of tomorrow

We appreciate however that its not all or nothing, that shifting attitudes takes time and that healthy, permanent change must be sustainable ... nonetheless, we are passionate and determined to play our part in working for a better world.

Here's what we're doing ...

Reducing Paper Usage

- we are eliminating all bank statements and use of unnecessary paper (amazing how much we have reduced already)  

- we are working towards a 100% paperless inventory and invoicing system (this is a huge undertaking, but we're getting there)

- we offer and highly encourage customers to utilise email receipts instead of paper (c'mon - this is where you can play a part)

- we send online orders in second hand cartons that we've re-purposed from our own stores and warehouses (we've forgone the flashy, printed branding)

Reducing Bag Usage

- we highly encourage customers to bring their own reusable bags or not use bags at all when shopping in our stores (lets reduce overall bag use & manufacturing)

- we have eliminated the use of single-use plastic bags (yay!)

- if needed, we do have reusable plastic bags available for customers at a cost of 20 cents per bag (please don't throw them out ... reuse them over and over, then recycle)

- we encourage customers to use our famous Casey's Toys Big Bag, which is as good as a trolley in store (at a cost of $2, it's also a great beach bag for home) 

Reducing Emissions

- we've converted lighting in all our stores to 100% LED, thus dramatically reducing our electricity consumption (they look great too)

- we are installing auto shut off mechanisms on all our air conditioning units to ensure they can never mistakenly run through the night

- we are sourcing our electricity from renewable sources (such as wind and solar) via our electricity suppliers and aim to be 100% renewable in the short term

- we are working towards reducing and offsetting our logistics emissions (our Australia Post deliveries are already 100% neutral via the Qantas Future Planet program)  

- we are committed to offsetting emissions via airlines for all business related flights (so easy to do and a great way to lower emissions)

Reducing Plastic Usage

- we've partnered with TerraCycle to experiment with collection points for recycling (they shred toys into plastic pellets which are then used to build things like decking)

- all our major suppliers and toy manufacturers are aggressively working towards reducing plastic in toys and toy packaging (reinventing an entire industry takes time)

Encouraging a Kinder World

- via the ATA (Australian Toy Association) we are members of the ICTI (International Council of Toy Industries) Ethical Toy Program (they ensure ethical supply chains)

- we're always looking out for toys that promote tolerance, diversity, inclusivity and kindness (check out our Miniland Dolls that are anatomically & ethnically accurate)

- we take every opportunity to educate the younger generation in fun, engaging ways (for example our recycling themed colouring in competition) 

- we are passionate about giving back to the community and helping those in need and therefore offer a comprehensive donation program (email here to apply)

If you've noticed areas where we could do even better contact us and share your thoughts and ideas.