What is your favourite thing to do when you are at the beach or swimming pool? Swimming is a no-brainer, but what else can you do? Choose from Casey's Toys large range of pool toys, beach toys or water toys and you'll have a great, fun-filled day in the sun!

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Little kids love creating sand castles by the beach. Once they set foot on the shore, they won't get enough of making different shapes out of sand. They run towards the beach with a bucket in hand. In the bucket are moulds shaped like starfish, seashells, crabs, seahorse, and fish. They use their shovels and rakes to gather sand and put it in the moulds. To make the shapes more stable and solid, they use the watering pot filled with sea water. After making sea creatures out of sand, these little cuties start collecting more sand to build their castle. It's a great play time with all our toys for the beach, with mum, dad and with other babies at the beach as well.

You can come up with your own fairy tale that takes place in your beautiful sand castle. Your sand animals can join the story, too. It helps in the development of your important life skills. It boosts your imagination and creativity. Plus, you can meet new friends while having a blast at the beach. The beach is also a great spot for your favourite sports. Play rugby, soccer and grip ball along the shore with the beach-friendly accessories and equipment you can find in our store.

If you're having a pool party, don't forget to bring your Big Mouth giant pool floats. Cooling off by the pool has never been this fashionable. Ride the giant seahorse lilo and take a photo. Ask your friends to get the other shapes of pool li-los such as a giant mermaid tail, a giant whale shark, or a giant swan. How about using a giant piece of donut to float on water? Yes, that is possible! Who knew that donut-shaped floats are a thing?

Parties are not complete without water balloons. Get the Bunch O Balloons self-sealing balloons paired with self-sealing pump for an effortless balloon setup. These balloons are available in different colours: pink, green, blue, red, yellow. Add more fun to the party by having a water games tournament. How about pool basketball? You can also set up underwater hoops and challenge your friends for an underwater race. Kids who love extreme sports will love the Tube Wars set. And who will ever forget the classic water gun fight by the pool? We've got the best water guns and pistols in our collection of pool toys from trusted brands such as Wahu, Super Soaker, Swim Sportz, and Intex. If you just want to relax and have fun, we have something for you too. Super Grip Skim Balls are perfect for long-distance water bouncing. You will have lots of fun with Wahu Aqua Glider. Just hold it under water, release, and chase it. It's also a great accessory for water racing. Who will rule the pool? Your party is going to be a hit for sure.

Create your own water park in your backyard with outdoor equipment made for kids like you to have a fun summer experience right outside your house. Set up a giant water slide on the lawn. And when we say giant slide, we mean the one that measures 7.5 metres long. Wow. That's huge! You can also set up a backyard water tennis with Wahu Soak'n Serve set. How about a giant inflatable snake that shoots water everywhere? Wahu Splash'n Snake is a massive 4-metre long outdoor toy perfect for a fun backyard party. To complete the backyard water park, get the Skip'n Splash set that lets you play the classic game hopscotch with a cool twist. These outdoor toys are very easy to assemble and there are no special tools needed. All you have to do is place it on the lawn, connect them to a water hose, and start the fun. Who needs video games when you can spend the whole day outside playing real games and enjoying the cool water?

Even little babies can join the fun, too. They can safely enjoy the pool by riding the pool buggy or the roly poly. There are Cars themed kiddie floaties that they will surely love. You can keep them occupied and entertained at the beach by bringing Fisher Price Sand N Surf Water Table or Step 2 Deluxe Crabbie Sand Table. Don't forget to put on their life vest for safety.

Plan your next outdoor water adventure and choose your water toys for kids at Casey's Toys. What do you need today? Browse our site to discover more awesome items.