Gear up, warm up, and get ready for an epic adventure. Transform any plain area into an action-packed battleground for you and the whole gang . A dull day is no longer an option since you've found Casey's Toys armoury of the most awesome guns, blasters, and water pistols in your arsenal . Time to reload, aim, and shoot!

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Spend an entire day at the park looking cool, dressed in your tactical vest and battle goggles. Call your friends over for an exciting role-playing game and choose which side are you on. Are you one of the good guys who use weapons to protect others, or one of the villains who use their power to do bad things? Don't forget to load up on your foam ammunition and prepare for a fun play session.

An awesome weaponry calls for an awesome storyline with awesome characters. It can be a game with your own mechanics, your own settings, your own weapons. Imagine being a member of the defence force trying to protect your area from invaders. Assign team members of the defence and members of the invader group. Each team should carefully plan their next moves to gain advantage against the opponent. With the best weapons at your disposal, your chances of winning are high. Are you with the defence? Carefully plan the best strategy to prevent the infiltration and keep the peace in your region. Quick! Enemies are approaching. Take cover, hide behind trees, and wait for the perfect chance to fire back. Oh, wait! You're at the playground. You can also hide under the slides. It's also a good spot for reloading your foam bullets, don't you think?

Maker of the world's most famous toy weapons Nerf continues to create series of guns and blasters fit for every age and every playing requirement. The Nerf Blaster series is definitely one of the first weapons that comes in mind when choosing the perfect toy gun. Nerf Blasters are great for long-range shooting at a faster rate. So if you want to leave no room for opponents to fire back at you, these blasters should be your preferred weapon. Of course there are times you need to refill your foam darts. Worry no more because we know that those kinds of situations will happen. We want you to be prepared to strike anytime and without pause. That is why we have included Nerf Elite Dart Pouch and packs of darts in our wide range of Nerf collection. Running out of bullets will not be a problem when you have a 75-piece dart refill pack. Unlimited shots!

Are you having so much fun that you did not even notice it's already dark? Well, that's fine. You don't have to stop the fun battle right away. You can switch your weapons and use the glow-in-the-dark guns. It's specially made for these types of cases where you want to play during the night or anywhere that's dark. The game would be even more exciting if you can't see your opponents and you don't know which direction the foam bullets are coming from. You might need your special night vision goggles and digital target too.

Here's something even more awesome. Did you know that there is a special series of guns and blasters for the game Humans and Zombies? Imagine being chased by human-eating zombies and the only way to defeat them is by shooting them with Zombie Strike darts. Not good with guns? The Outbreaker Bow will be your weapon. It will surely be a heart-pounding, sweat-breaking, fun-filled zombie chasing game for everyone.

Outdoor games can be fun, especially during summer when the sun is out and giving us plenty of sunshine to enjoy. And what better way to cool off than to have a water gun fight with your friends. Whether you're at the beach, pool, or a water park, water weapons are required for fun summer experience. Make sure to pick the biggest water guns and water pistols from Super Soaker and XShot. Fill it up and survey the area. Plan how your team can get the bigger advantage. Designate a spot for each member to cover and always be ready to fire. But big water guns are not always the best technique. They take too long to refill and enemies might strike while you're reloading. Don't forget to ask for backup when you do that!

Nerf wars and water gun fights are fun, but make sure to make it safe for everyone as well. It's a great bonding activity, especially when no one gets hurt and the whole group enjoys the game to the fullest. Continue browsing our site and discover other cool toys waiting for you inside.