At Casey's Toys we know that when it comes to having fun size does not matter. That is why he have such a large variety of nanoblocks. These construction pieces may be tiny but pack a large punch of fun.  Think of LEGO blocks, but much smaller than the regular size. They're like fun-sized LEGO pieces for fun energetic little kids. They provide all the pros of a lego set in an easy to transport and easy to construct format. 

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Because of their cute size, adult supervision is important as little kids might put the pieces in their mouths. With the kids and parents both participating in building the nanoblock sets, they are given precious bonding time. Kids will have a chance to talk one-on-one with mum or dad as they ask for help in putting the pieces together. Aside from stronger family relationships, building nanoblock sets together helps develop kids' communication skills. By voicing out the possible small issues and questions about the set, their vocabulary and storytelling skills are enhanced. Speaking of possible small issues, nanoblocks also aid in teaching kids that things don't always go as expected. That there will be obstacles along the way but that's okay. How they react and respond to crises like missing pieces, parts that don't fit, pieces stuck together will reflect how children think. With that, parents will have a chance to evaluate their child's mental health and take actions to develop it more to prepare them for the future.

Another unique feature of nanoblocks is their design exclusivity. What does that mean? Unlike with other bigger-sized construction sets, a pack of nanoblocks focuses only on one design. To give you some examples, an animal, a famous landmark, a food item, or a cartoon character. While it's true that kids can build anything they can think of with the nanoblock pieces, all the parts included in one pack are put in there for one particular design. Every small piece is needed to build a bigger piece of art.

One of the favourite nanoblock designs here at Casey's Toys are miniature figures of animals. You can create a whole miniature zoo filled with different animals such as Kangaroo, Giant Panda, Meerkat, and Blue Macaw. If you're more interested in smaller animals, you can get yourself set for building mini spiders and chameleons. Even animals from legends are here: unicorn and phoenix. Your favourite pet animals also have a share of cool designs. We have a dog riding a skateboard and a cat reaching for a fishbowl.

You can also build your own mini restaurant and fill it with miniature nanoblocks food. Items you can include in your menu are hamburger, pizza, and beer. That would be a cool playtime idea for when your friends come over next time, right?

Kids who love exploring different vehicles will also love our collection of vehicle-themed nanoblock sets. You can build your own locomotive, car, and minivan. Can you imagine how cute that is? Small vehicles made of tiny nanoblock pieces. The finished pieces would look great on your display shelf too. Once you get your hands on one, you won't stop collecting more. They're fun. They're cute. And they're good for kids too.

Since the pieces are tiny, kid's motor skills are greatly developed. Fidgeting with the nanoblocks works out the small muscles and bones of their arms and hands. It also helps improve their hand-eye coordination. Following the instructions to put the pieces together exercises kids' eyesight followed by the movement of their hands to finish it. Kids will stay focused for many hours while building a set and that will be specially hopeful once they go to school. It also helps develop their patience because, well it's obvious that it takes a lot of patience to build these sets.

We hope you enjoy browsing this section of our website. You'll surely find your next nanoblock set here. And who knows, you might get more than one pack containing these cute little goodies. Get your favourite cartoon characters, animals, food, and famous landmarks. Bonus: there are Pokemon characters too! Now that's exciting. Before you click on the check out button, make sure to click on the different categories at the top of the page for more exciting deals and toys we prepared just for you.