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The Benefits of Puzzles for Young Children

At Casey's Toys we recognise that jigsaw puzzles are a fantastic educational tool for young kids to develop their cognitive abilities and thinking skills. We therefore offer a large range of jigsaw puzzles targeted at the preschool, kindergarten age category for kids between 3 and 5 years old.

Puzzles in this range include 12 piece puzzles, 24 piece puzzles, 35 piece puzzles, 49 piece puzzles and 60 piece puzzles. The artwork and graphics are obviously age appropriate including scenes such as animals, space, under the sea, dinosaurs, airports, construction sites, horses, farms, trains, fire engines and more.
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8 Reasons to Buy Jigsaw Puzzles for Your Kids

Jigsaw puzzles offer so much for young kids …
  1. It teaches kids organisational skills - should they separate the side and middle pieces or not?
  2. It challenges kids to develop a strategy - should they do the border first or start from the middle?
  3. It may foster creative time management skills - how can I develop a process to finish the puzzle faster?
  4. No doubt at some stage the child will face feelings of frustration - how does one deal with that? Do you quit or persevere?
  5. Of course it teaches children about colours, shapes, visual recognition and pattern identification.
  6. It will also strengthen a kid's memory - "I remember seeing that piece. Where was it?"
  7. To finish a larger puzzle it may take several sessions or days. It may teach children about the power of consistency and regularity. Do a little every day and see how much you can achieve!
  8. And finally when all done and completed … children will experience the sweetness of success and achievement and know that they can succeed - all vitally important feelings to cultivate confidence and healthy self esteem as they grow up.
It is therefore obvious why we sell so many of these types of jigsaw puzzles and why they can be so important and useful in the upbringing of children. Puzzles are also lots of fun and a wonderful medium through which sibling and parent-child relationships can be strengthened.

The primary brand that we offer is Ravensburger. The quality, durability and reliability of their puzzles is unsurpassed so rest assured you are buying a top quality item that will last for many years. Browse our range online or visit our stores for even more puzzles on offer.