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It may be difficult choosing what toys to by for kids given the massive range out there. However, a sure-fire way to ensure that your child absolutely loves what ever you have decided to get them is to buy them something from their favourite TV show or Movie. Casey's Toys has you covered. We stock a wide range of figures, sets, plushies and more from movies that kids simply love such as Toy Story, How To Train Your Dragon and Despicable Me alongside their favourite TV shows like Paw Patrol and Rusty Rivets. There will be something for everyone. Read more... read more


Paw Patrol is about a boy named Ryder leading a group of search and rescue dogs. Together they are the paw patrol. They go on missions to protect the town of adventure bay. Each dog has a unique set of skills based on an emergency service. For Example, there is Marshal, a Dalmatian who is a firefighter and paramedic. Then there is Chase a German Sheppard police dog and Skye a cockapoo who is an aviation specialist. It does not matter who your child's favourite is Casey's Toys will have an item for them.

Rusty Rivets follows the adventures of a young inventor named Rusty and his team of customized robots. They live in Sparkton Hills along with his friend Ruby Ramirez, a robotic tyrannosaur named Botasaur, and a group of smaller robots known as the Bits. The show highlights a variety of concepts related to basic science and technology. Let Your child explores these areas with the wide range of Rusty Rivets toys at Casey's Toys.

It does not matter weather your kid already watches the show or not buying them a character from the show is a great idea either way. If they don't watch the show, then it may encourage them to watch it and learn valuable lessons in the process. It also allows them to exercise their creativity with the toy as they create a unique character without the influence of the tv show. If they already watch the show, then by playing with the characters they can recreate their favourite scenes which reinforces the lessons they learned.

All the shows found in this category teach kids one important lesson or another. For example, watching Rusty Rivets and playing with their toys encourages an interest in the fields of science technology engineering and math. The Paws Patrol show and toys teaches kids not how to work well in a group and problem solve together but also to be kind to others. By watching Despicable Me kids can learn that not everything is what it seems, and that people can change. How to Train Your Dragon teaches co-operation and teamwork. Finally, Toy Story encourages kids to be accepting of people despite their differences as everyone is unique and has their own set of talents and skills.

Additionally, even if you are not big into letting your kids watch tv or movies simply letting them play with the toys has many benefits. Playing with these toys will allow kids to exercise their creativity while strengthening their imagination. It also allows then to develop an understanding of the wider world by engaging and playing with toys that emulate it. It also improves their motor skills and physical, cognitive and emotional strength. Furthermore, playing with toys aids healthy brain development.