Today, kids are just as happy to sit and play video games as they are to play outside. Some may even prefer indoor to outside. How are parents to encourage their kids to be active outside while having fun. Here at Casey's Toys we can provide the solution: our range of outdoors play equipment which includes ball pits, sand boxes, tunnels, slides and trampolines. These are always such a hit and basically guarantee hours of outdoor fun for your child.

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To encourage some kids to be active may require some effort but the benefits for them are many. Kids playing outdoors will develop stronger muscles and bones, have a lower chance of developing diabetes and have an overall more positive outlook on life. There is also a benefit to the parent as after playing outside a child will likely be tired and sleep better and behave better as they have burnt off all their energy. 

Where better to start young kids off then with a classic ball pit. Not only are they fun but they also provide many benefits. Their fine motor skills are improved by rolling or throwing the balls. It also enhances their sensory perception and may be calming especially for younger kids. Finally it is a great opportunity to learn important social skills.

If ball pits are not your kids style then why not give our sandpits a go. They are just as fun and beneficial. It teaches them the independence of making their own decisions when deciding what to make. It also enhances their creativity and improves their physical skills. Finally by playing with other kids and sharing their play spaces and equipment  it allows them to socialise while imparting valuable lessons in communication

Then when they are tired they can relax on their own comfortable sofa.

For those parents who want their kids to have fun while learning something new, there are our furniture sets. These can be put together by kids. Indeed it is encouraged that they try do this for all their benefits it has. Firstly it encourages independence by letting them tackle a problem on their own. This also boosts self confidence. By allowing them to try and figure it out for themselves it also improves their problem solving abilities. If they land up needing your help it turn into an amazing bonding experience. Finally by playing with the completed set it activates and enhances their creative capacity.

Finally for those large families where arguments can arise over toys sharing and whose turn it is to play with what can turn to our trampolines, slides and pop up play sets. There is plenty space to share amongst everyone. Not only are these the perfect way to round out the playground experience but they are also massively beneficial. Slides not only promote physical activity they also inspire confidence and a sense of exploration.

Overall, this range is the perfect choice to encourage kids being more active. the items here are  perfect in a play or preschool. They are equally perfect for those parents who wish to turn their backyard into an amazing playground for their kids and all their friends