If you are looking for kid friendly hanging ornaments and dream catchers, we've got news for you! Our range offers a variety of different trinkets that are sure to brighten up any room. With multiple designs and colours, you can match your child's personality to the perfect hanging mobile. The possibilities are endless!

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After a unique gift or looking for something to help your child sleep through the night? Have a look at our range of dream catchers. We stock a variety of beautifully crafted catchers in an array of colours and designs, perfect for every child. 

If natural colours are more to your taste, our Dream Catcher Crochet Beige Pompom is for you! This croqueted dream catcher is made with an arrangement of shells, feathers, pom poms and tassels, perfect for any coloured room. Hang the ornament as a decoration and allow it to catch any bad dreams. If you prefer colours rather than neutrals, the Dream Catcher Sea Blue is more suitable to your palate. With multiple blues, pinks, purples and whites, this catcher is sure to lightening up anyone's mood. Attached with stylish shells and small starfishes, the beach can now be at your doorstep with this exotic dream catcher. Enjoy the snow more than the beach? Our Dream Catcher Crochet 100cm have been crocheted with a beautifully designed snowflake, ideal for anyone with elegant style. Available in three different colours, these dream catchers have been crafted with strands of mini pom poms, feathers, and strands of fabric to create an element of fun. This dream catcher is great for any occasion. Perhaps searching for a different style - look no further. The Dream Catcher Triple Crochet 90cm comes in a range of different colours and unlike other designs, this one contains three crocheted circles in different sizes. Each circle contains a unique crochet design, using several different colours to catch your eye. Attached with multiple feathers, this dream catcher is sure to be a hit!

If dream catchers aren't your style - do not stress! Casey's Toys offers other sentimental gift options. Our Mobile Silver String Fairy is the perfect gift for any fairy lover. Made with intricate detail, every component of the ornament fits together to create an elegant decoration. Crafted with multiple fairies, love hearts and small glass balls, the design is sure to win over many hearts. Attached with a sturdy hook, the places you can hang this mobile are endless. This string of fairies is guaranteed to place a smile on every face. Perhaps your child loves to dance, our Hanging Acrylic Ballerina is an ornament that will spark some fun. With two different designs available in two different colours, you can mix and match ballerina poses! Not only are these ballerinas unique, but they glitter and sparkle when hit by sunlight. Kids will love owning their very own ballerina suncatcher.

Children love interesting and unique toys. It allows them to learn about different cultures and the history behind certain toys. Their understanding of the wider world can be strengthened, and their imagination can be strengthened. With a spark of creativity your kid can follow any dream, no manner how impossible it sounds!