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The S16 Jeep with Boat by Siku is a cool combination of a convertible Jeep Wrangler and a trailer with a motorboat placed on top of it. It reminds you of a seaside trip where you can launch the boat to a cove or take it to the next sporting harbour for some fun with friends. The jeep and trailer are made of die-cast metal while the motorboat is made of plastic. Both vehicles are designed with great attention to details of the life-size vehicles. While the jeep is bright yellow, the boat is red. The two look bright and very attractive for kids. Even collectors will find this piece to a great addition to their collection. They do not take up much space and designed with perfection. The jeep is approximately 7cm long while the motorboat is 8cm long. It is sturdy and durable, allowing kids to play without having to worry much about damage and is recommended for children over 3 years old.
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  • 20.00cm x 4.00cm x 8.00cm
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