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These toy planes are based on the Disney animated movie Planes. Meet Dusty, a single propeller small orange and white coloured crop plane, dreams to be a racing plane. Dusty always practised aerobatics manoeuvres in his spare time. He then entered the qualifier round to be eligible to race in the Wings Across the Globe Race for propeller planes. In the Wings Across the Globe Race, Dusty met his arch-enemy in Ripslinger, a green and black coloured Mustang P-51 which had been customised for racing. Ripslinger is a 3-time Wings Across the Globe winner who tried to sabotage Dusty throughout the race. With tenacity and determination, Dusty managed to defeat Ripslinger in the race and became the winner. This toy set is either a Dusty or Ripslinger toy model. This is an assortment pack, and 1 toy set will be supplied and picked at random when you purchase. Recommended for ages 3 years and up.
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