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Sylvanian Families Village Pizzeria is a beautiful playset from the Sylvanian Families village collection. This unique Sylvanian set features a pizza house in the countryside with true-to-life pretend tools. The pizza house building direction can be changed to get two different floor spaces, one at the inside and the other displaying the outer part of the building. The box contains the central building unit, the floor, two fences, a large pizza oven, one pizza peel, one pizza-prep counter, pizza trays, rolling pin, pepper grinder, cheese grater, cheese, cheese tray, pizza base, two tomato pizzas, two seafood pizzas, table, chairs, menu, and a label sheet. The central building unit has realistic details with windows, doors, and pizza posters. The counter has pretend pizza ingredients; the large oven attaches the peel. This fantastic Sylvanian set can offer fun, imaginative pretend to play with literally every ingredient and tool for a pizza shop. Sylvanian Families Village Pizzeria is recommended for kids above the age of three years.
  • 1.05kg
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  • 29.00cm x 25.00cm x 18.00cm
  • 5054131053249

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