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The Power Rangers Super Heroes Mega Mighties are collectible action figures by Hasbro designed for Power Rangers fans. These poseable action figures stand at approximately 25cm tall. They have 3 to 6 points of articulation, which includes the head, the arms, and waist. Children can use these figures to have pretended battles or recreate favourite scenes from the show. This product comes assorted, so any one of the action figures will be sent to you randomly when you place the order online. Build your collection of Power Rangers with this toy or add it to an existing collection. The more Power Rangers you have, the more you can expand your storytelling and playtime with these action figures. Their size makes it easy for children to comfortably hold the toys in their hands while they play with it or take it outdoors. The colours of the Power Rangers will vary and is recommended for children between 3 and 7 years old.
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