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This Animals and Numbers Stacking Tower by Playgo is a simple toy which can keep toddlers engaged for long periods as they try to stack up the cups, bring it down, and stack them up again. The numbered cups are in bright and attractive colours of yellow, orange, red, blue, and green. The cups are easy to hold and place one on top of the other. Given the design of the cups, only the right numbers will sit perfectly on top of each other. Any other cup will either be too big or too small to fit snugly around the previous cup in the stack. This helps kids understand how the stacking works, and it improves their hand-eye coordination and mental skills. The stackable cups are designed for kids over 12 months old and are made of durable plastic. While the game is simple, children tend to get creative with the cups and may end up using it in several different ways to play than just stacking them up.
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