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Say your child has just been gifted a brand-new toy gun in the exact Nerf blaster variety they've been waiting for. They are thrilled and can't wait to try it out, only to discover that they have no ammo! How disappointing would that be? That's when the Nerf Elite Accustrike Darts you secretly bought will come to their rescue! This pack of 12 darts is just what's needed. The elite Accustrike series is known for darts with a great deal of accuracy. They are designed to fit in the dart chamber of most Nerf Elite and Accustrike guns, besides any of the N-strike blasters. The darts undergo the highest quality of testing and certification for quality, speed, accuracy and comfort. Available in multiple colours, they are quite easy on the eye. They are made from high-grade plastic. This dart pack is perfect for usage by any child above the age of 8; the darts are hazardous to children below 3, though.
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  • 3.00cm x 16.00cm x 15.00cm

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