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Sing and Laugh together with this super cute VTech Swing and Sing Monkey! With soft furry body and eye-catching bright colours, this adorable monkey will be a great gift for toddlers from 3 months to 18 months. The soft texture and engaging sounds will keep the young ones busy. It is also a great toy for encouraging speech and sensory awareness in babies. Kids learn about sounds, animals, feelings, and cause-effect concepts. Monkey's hands have a safe-to-use apple-shaped mirror and a banana bunch teether. You just have to press a light button on the monkey's tummy to activate over 50 tuneful songs and entertaining melodies! Shaking the monkey triggers giggles and funny sounds. Also, you can attach this toy to prams and car seats with the C-ring attachment, suspended from the monkey's head with a sturdy and colourful ribbon. A cuddly, vibrant, squishy, amusing and educational toy for young ones. Buy this and secure hours of recreation and fun for them!
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