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Folks who can stitch, embroider, paint and design their clothes have a significant leg-up over their peers because of the sheer variety they can bring to their wardrobe with their talent. The Tybo Starter Pack could get you started on that journey too, and perhaps the children could join in for some family fun! This is a tie-and-dye material set that enables a fun, unique experience. It includes a detailed instruction manual and elastic bands apart from the all-important mixing orbs of 3 dye powders and bottles. The dye is tested extensively and is entirely safe for use even by children. There's an orb to act as the outlet for the dye. It comes equipped with a one-way valve system to minimize the mess. What designs to create is left entirely to the users' imagination, because various combinations are possible! This highly original idea can be a popular pastime with children above the age of 6-and any adults!
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